WWE Continues To Question Undertaker's Wrestlemania Status

WWE continues to "question" the status of The Undertaker going into this week's "Old School" Raw. The company posted the following on their Facebook page:

Will he or won't he? The WWE Universe is still talking about The Undertaker’s recent return to the ring at a WWE Live Event in Texas. Will The Phenom defend his 20-0 streak at WrestleMania 29?

While I'm not confirming anything, this seems to be their way of advertising Undertaker for Raw without actually advertising him. WWE even made Undertaker the new "cover photo" on their official Facebook page that boasts over 11.4 million Likes.

The plan as of last week was for Undertaker to work a Wrestlemania 29 program with CM Punk. The consensus from many was Undertaker would make his return to television on the "Old School" episode of Raw on Monday.

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  • James

    I don’t care one way or another if Taker is at WM this year. I do though would love to see classic taker from him even wearing his purple gloves and even coming in with his crow, that would be some old school raw folks