WWE Contract Structure, Prince Devitt To WWE?, Stopping The Push Of Roman Reigns, Stars Causing Injuries

How does the WWE contract system work? How does it differ from someone in the main event, to someone in the midcard, to even someone who rarely appears?

WWE Superstars and Divas are signed to Performer's Contracts, independent contractor agreements that include downside guarantees and structured bonus payouts. The downside guarantee is money they make for as long as the contract is active. The only time a worker would not collect this money would be due to a suspension. Bonuses are paid depending on appearance. For example, if a worker appears on a show, they are paid a flat $500 bonus. They are also paid a percentage of merchandise sales using their character's likeness, bonuses structured on pay-per-view buys and other factors not easily explained. Pay-per-view bonuses also vary depending on where a worker is placed on the card, as main event talent receives more than an undercard worker. One factor that hasn't been addressed is how WWE will handle pay-per-view bonuses with the evolution of the WWE Network. This has been a topic of discussion backstage over the last month and one that has caused concern regarding the new direction.

It seems Prince Devitt is on his way to WWE do you think he has what it takes to be at the top of the card?

We reported on February 16, 2014 here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com that WWE reached out to Karl Anderson and Prince Devitt from New Japan Pro Wrestling. According to a source, neither were interested in signing at the time. The issue had to do with the fact that they didn't want to go the WWE Performance Center for seasoning. If they were guaranteed an immediate call up, they might reconsider, however, they had no interest in working in WWE's developmental system.

Why did the WWE give Roman Reigns such a massive push in the Royal Rumble only to back off and keep The Shield together?

Vince McMahon was set to push Roman Reigns to the moon while Triple H wanted to wait and keep the faction together. It's been a difference of opinion that has spilled over to television and became quite obvious to anyone following closely. However, there was also concern over a singles match between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt on Monday Night Raw, in which the crowd turned and some WWE officials took it as a sign Reigns wasn't ready for a push on his own. Vince feels that all three Shield members will eventually do well when they are broken up. I agree the booking has been problematic and it's affected their build for Wrestlemania.

As we've seen multiple times in the past year with Alberto Del Rio and his botched spots resulting in injury to WWE superstars, I understand this is a profession where injuries are common but are there any repercussions for injuring another performer?

First I want to note that Christian was indeed concussed in the Fatal 4-Way match on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw after the botched kick from Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio was spoken to about the spot backstage and has been in and out of the company doghouse. There is not a set disciplinary procedure for a worker that consistently causes injury, however, they are dealt with accordingly. The one constant is it's always the injured worker that gets the worst end of the deal. No matter how much of "tongue lashing" the botching superstar gets from Vince or Hunter or a WWE producer, it doesn't make up for what the injured worker loses. Think of Nikki Bella on the Tamina super kick that was featured on Total Divas or Jack Swagger concussing Dolph Ziggler during the biggest push of his career. How about Aksana injuring Naomi on the brink of her biggest push or as we see now, more problems for Christian, who has been injury plagued over  recent years. Injuries are part of this business and no matter what happens to the people that cause the injury, no one is effected as badly as the people that are injured.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2012: What point (if any) does Vince McMahon meet developmental talent when a worker is brought to the main roster? - One thing that would probably surprise you about Vince McMahon is he is very “hands on” with his roster. He’s not oblivious to signed talent, including talent in his developmental system. As far as some type of “warm and fuzzy, we’re so glad you’re here” meeting, that doesn’t happen but if Vince wants something out of a particular worker, he will make sure they get the message. Everyone knows Vince has final say.

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  • 1molly23

    It looks as though WWE needs to institute some type of penalty (for those that cause injury). It just doesn’t seem right that the injured wrestler is the one that comes out on the losing end of the injury. Causing harm to another person because of one’s carelessness/recklessness is just wrong. Mistakes happen, especially when dealing with something as physical as professional wrestling, absolutely but when mistakes become the common thread there’s just something not right; and all the practice and/or training in the world doesn’t prepare a victim for someone else’s lack of caution when dealing with a competitor.

  • Venom

    Let’s not forget fandango was supposed to win the IC title but was pulled out due to concussion.

    As for the 2 wrestlers from NJPW, after seeing what happened to the original Sin Cara why would you want to go straight to the main roster? If Loki, Bryan, Cesaro, Rollins, Generico did then you can’t feel too good to do it. If you’re that good go to performance center and prove yourself. If you’re that good as you think you’ll only be there for a few months.

    • Guest

      And dont forget Wade Barrett was in line for another massive push with a MITB win prior to injury.

      The point is, this seems too crazy for me. Why does it ALWAYS happen right before their injury, and why does WWE hault there push or not continue with it…especially if they werent out too long. Im hoping they dont do the same to Naomi…because I know she has worked so hard, and is 1 of the most talented female wrestler on the roster.

      • 1molly23

        If i remember correctly, Barrett too was careless to an extreme when Nexus first raised it’s boring little head. I think he hurt Mark Henry.

    • BigMike

      I agree completely. I mean, come on! These 2 morons think they can just jump right in? El Generico has been all over the world, as Bryan has and they STILL had to go to Developmental, as did Cesaro, Chris Hero (( before he went back to ROH))

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    That was just the wrong match for Roman to break out. It’s wasn’t his style. Way to slow for him. I really like Roman and hope they will try again soon against someone other than Bray.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Wow, it almost sounds like you are blaming Bray Wyatt for Roman Reigns not having wrestling skills. That’s like blaming William Regal for Goldberg looking stupid in their match in WCW

      • Ronnie

        I’m sure he wasn’t blaming Bray. They just didn’t mesh well together on that night. Roman is a future main eventer for certain and will go on to have a better career than Goldberg in my honest opinion. He already has better in ring skills than him. Don’t sell the guy short.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Ah no he doesn’t – his moveset is based around the spear and the big punch. And yelling really loudly. He will be a main eventer, but I have no doubt the internet will turn on him like they do with everyone else. If you lived through the 90’s you would remember how much everyone loved Goldberg – now they all hate him because he ‘can’t wrestle’. John Cena was once a beloved figure of the IWC. Now he gets all sorts of flack because he ‘can’t wrestle’ (and other reasons).

          Just because he is new and interesting doesn’t make him a great in-ring specialist. He is a rookie and looked absolutely lost in the ring with Bray Wyatt. Sure he has captured the hearts of fans with his intensity, but he still has a very long way to go and is clearly not ready to be on his own out there – WWE obviously see that as well, or The Shield would have been finished by now.

          • Padres4life

            Reigns sucking means DB stays at the top.

          • Bob’s Diner

            At least it keeps The Shield going as well. I think it is a shame WWE have not really capitalised on these guys the way they should be (they don’t to split, but they can still be a team and do individual things). This 6-man tag match at WrestleMania just seems like going backwards

          • Ronnie

            Well that’s the way the IWC works, unfortunately. Still, the guy will go to the next level eventually. The E still obviously wants to push him for various reasons; the only thing that stopped this was the New Age Outlaws wanting to work a program with them and clearly Trips will honor his pals’ requests. Last I checked aren’t you supposed to base your move set around your signature moves? Cena does the same and he gets flak to this very day about not being able to wrestle, yet he continues to churn out multiple classics. Live with it man. Every top star or rising star will go through this eventually.

          • Bob’s Diner

            I’m guessing you didn’t read my comments, so I will break them down for you:
            1 – I’m dead certain WWE have always had Reigns picked as the guy to push, hence he was teamed with the two most experienced guys in NXT. It not only worked to hide his inexperience, but also help him learn from two great workers and also get him over with the ‘internet fans’. Which everyone seems to have bought into.
            2 – All he has is signature moves. Just like Goldberg did. I’ll say this again – he looked LOST against Bray Wyatt. Not just that they didn’t mesh, he absolutely looked like he didn’t know what to do unless he was hitting his big moves. He needs people to carry him in his matches until he can get better.
            3 – I don’t believe this was the Outlaws requesting a match with The Shield. After that match on Raw, WWE pulled back right away on breaking up The Shield and pushing Reigns. They obviously saw – like myself, Richard, and many others saw – that he is NOT ready for the singles push in any way.
            4 – I actually like the guy, but the last few months of the internet claiming he should be main eventing WrestleMania this year is just ridiculous. I’ve even seen one ‘writer’ claim Wyatt vs Reigns would have been an amazing WrestleMania XXX main event and that the Raw crowd were they ones that ruined the match. And everyone on here is making excuses for that crappy match as well. Like I said, give it a couple of years of him being the top guy and you’ll all be complaining he can’t wrestle, exactly like has happened with Goldberg and Cena

        • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

          If you’re talking about me I’m a she not a he

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

        I’m not blaming anyone. IMO he would have done better in a faster paced match. That match did neither one any good. So I can’t blame one over the other.

        • Bob’s Diner

          It obviously didn’t hurt Bray Wyatt, since he gets to face John Cena at WrestleMania. And who is Roman Reigns facing? Yeah… one guy looked bad from that match and it sure wasn’t Bray Wyatt

          • Ronnie

            I read your comments and acknoweldged them. Sorry if they were misinterpreted Roman is still with the Shield, so It’s not l.ike It really hurt him either. I mean, who else was Cena going to face? Following on what I said earlier, have you seen the video on Roman’s top 20 moves on Youtube Bob? I’m sure he has more than just signature moves. And I’m sure you’re not speaking on behalf of everybody who you say will turn on him in a few years. Not every fan is the same. I’m a big fan of the guy and hope he dominates for years to come. But hey everyone is welcome to their opinion.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Sorry if you think I was having a go at you – certainly don’t mean to lump you in with the majority of fans that just turn on people when they get popular. It honestly cracks me up how many people on the internet go on about how much they hate Warrior or Goldberg or Cena because they can’t wrestle, when those same people probably used to think they were awesome before they got to the top.

            Personally, I see him as the guy Cena is going to pass the torch to… I just want him to get some good depth to his character and in-ring skills first so he can make a real good go of it… but that’s just me

          • Ronnie

            It’s all good Bob. I want the same as well, hate to see the guy be one-dimensional.

          • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

            Lol. Geez Bob. Give it a break. It just wasn’t an interesting match.

  • TT

    If Devitt loses to Taguchi at Invasion Attack then he could move to the WWE, it would be awesome if he brought Bullet Club with him.

  • David F.

    I hope the Shield stays together past Wrestlemania and into the summer. The faction has bought a new shelf life with the face turn and you can do so much in booking the Shield as faces. Plus there is no reason to rush Roman Reigns. Let him continue to grow and develop. Reigns is still green and even though he has main event written all over him it doesnt hurt for him to remain with the Shield. I am just frustrated that the Shield have to carry Kane and Outlaws. Its a disservice to them and the fans

    • ron

      I don’t think anyone has to carry Kane??

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      Uh-uh nobody carries Kane…

  • jdl

    Hate to say I told you so, but I’ve been saying Reigns wasn’t ready all along. He could barely keep up with Bray Wyatt in that match the fans turned on him. The guy has four moves, no technical wrestling ability, can’t cut a promo and is just not experienced enough to keep up. He’s been effective as the muscle of the Shield because he’s had Ambrose to do most of the talking, both of his compatriots to do the heavy lifting in the ring and he’s only ever had to run in and do his four moves and the matches tend to end there. Wyatt was better than him in terms of presentation of his character, in-ring work, incorporating his gimmick into his offense and in his ring presence. That’s the difference between someone who put a lot of work into honing his craft and someone who just has the movie star look. Roman Reigns has so much potential, but he is not ready yet.

    • Jbreed

      It almost sounded like you were describing Batista.

      • jdl

        No, Batista knows how to put on a match, he knows how to cut a promo, he knows how to incorporate his character into his matches. The difference now is that it’s been four years since he worked, he returned at a time when the wrestling community was so solidly behind Daniel Bryan that any push that interferes with his will only result in heat, and he’s suffering from obvious ring rust and a lack of cardio. Batista should have trained a lot more before coming back. Reigns is green, and he needs seasoning. When the Shield breaks up he has to remain in the middle of the card for a good long while so he can learn to work on his own. Reigns is a work in progress, Batista is a work in disrepair.

    • BigMike

      I agree but also understand that Rom,an has only been wrestling for about 3 years or so while ROllins and AMbrose have been wrestling for about 10 years. Ambrose really needs to be on his own so he can display his true ability as IMO the SHield has been great but he is being held back; and anyone who ever saw him in HWA, DGUSA, CZW or any of the other Indy promotions would agree

      • Padres4life

        no excuses, he grew up in wrestling, he should know how to wrestle before training.

    • Bob’s Diner

      This. He is another Goldberg – hits a few big moves and everyone loves it. Come back in a few years and everyone on the internet will be complaining he can’t wrestle.

    • John

      Honestly i couldn’t disagree more. I’m not saying Roman Reigns is where he needs to be as a main event talent yet, however i put the majority of the blame on that bad match on Bray Wyatt. Honestly, I think he gets way to much credit for his apparent great in-ring work which i totally disagree with! I agree with you that he does an excellent job with his character, but i just don’t think he is very good in the ring.

      • Padres4life

        then how come Bray could have an awesome match with DB yet Reign’s match with DB was slow and boring? That means Wyatt is better.

        • John

          That doesn’t mean Wyatt is better at all. What about Bray Wyatt’s match with Kane? One of the worst PPV matches of 2013.

      • monty

        wyat is legit my friend not saying RR isn’t a star in the making but a bit more seasoning can’t hurt

  • BigMike

    What is up with these 2 Diva asshats? If guys like Jon Moxley,Tyler Black (( AMbrose and Rollins)) Cesaro ((CLaudio)) and Danielson(( Daniel Bryan)) have to go thru Developmental, then why would these not have to go? Moxley has been dubbed a Wrestling prodigy when he broke onto the scene 10 years ago and WWE has not even come close to tapping his potential, same with Bryan, who on more than one time was PWI best wrestler in the world in their rankings. And as for the injury thing, I understand accidents happen, BUT those who it seems to happen to alot need some kind of penalty or fine or something so they understand their job

  • Michael

    Ah I remember when Machine Gun Karl Anderson first started wrestling. I was at a show here in So Cal and he was a “member” of the Anderson wrestling family (Ole, Gene and Arn)

  • Padres4life

    it was obvious that Reign’s push stopped as soon as that Raw match happened with Wyatt. Nobody cared about that match, Reigns isn’t ready…Have you noticed that all of a sudden Rollins is being shown more? Now he’s the one ready! And I don’t feel bad for the wrestlers that won’t get high ppv bonuses anymore, they already have more money on the downside than most Americans get.

    • Bob’s Diner

      It’s funny – I never saw any of Rollins’ work outside of WWE but had read some places they thought he was overrated and was probably not going to do well in WWE… boy were those people wrong! The guy is many kinds of awesome and impresses me more each time I see him. It is a serious shame he and Dean Ambrose are stuck with the Outlaws at WrestleMania

  • Christen

    Bray vs Roman took place with a crowd that was already rowdy. They were a rude crowd during most of the matches. They were just chanting stuff to chant not caring what was going on. Really right now Shield as a baby face can be a good thing. They should have it where The Shield try to take the down The Authority. But either way they are great faction and should be kept as a trio. It also appears they have given up on Antonio Cesaro turning face even though he constantly gets baby face reactions from the fans.

  • MrOldSchool

    Lets see Eva Marie turned Noami into a pirate and she is on WM. This is an example of extreme discipline in the WWE.

    Every NJPW wrestler must have tape of Sweet T in his latest gimmick and got the message “This could be YOU !!!” Say no to WWE creative and as Sin Cara proved if you do NOT get trained the right way you are going to be of very little use.