Exclusive Details On What Caused The WWE Creative Blowup & Made David Kreizman Submit His Resignation, More On Who Has Creative Input In WWE, The Future Of Storylines, Brock Lesnar Returning Early

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We've obtained more details on the departure of head WWE writer David Kreizman. We're told Dave was not only frustrated with the mass quantity of changes but felt "insulted" from the lack of faith and respect. He pushed for shows to have more flow and more of a "week to week" feel, however, he felt every time he would book something, plans would change and each week he had to "start a new pilot episode."

Sources close to Kreizman tell us that he began to get frustrated trying to book guys like Damien Sandow and Antonio Cesaro. One week they were to be featured prominently and the next they were in the background. His frustration became more evident and vocal with the "flip the light switch" tag division, one week supporting stars and the next "audience members."

As noted, Dave was a very successful soap opera writer. In TV, the writers know which characters are stars and which are in supporting roles and the writer's job is to find roles and storylines for them. Kreizman didn't like seeing scripts being tossed and re-written just hours before the shows went live.

We're told Paul Heyman tried to tell him that it was just part of the business and not to take it personally, however, he did. According to close observers, Paul couldn't get Kreizman to see the pro wrestling decree of "plans are subject to change." The current state of storylines with the multiple turns is a combination of things written by Kreizman and Vince McMahon adding to them.

Paul Heyman was consulted to help book CM Punk and Brock Lesnar long-term. Paul and Dave were on the same page, however, Vince McMahon wanted to go ahead with Lesnar vs. Punk, which is why Brock returned on Monday. We're able to confirm that Vince asked Heyman to help him finish this week's Raw script. This caused a minor issue that is actually playing out on television where Stephanie McMahon doesn't trust Vince's choices and Triple H is stuck in the middle. In reality, Stephanie feels Heyman should be an on-air talent only while Vince seems to have more respect for his feel for the business.

At this point Kreizman was asked to work another eight weeks to finish up his direction. It looks like he's been talked into staying and will continue to work his way into the booking process.

  • T-Zone

    Sometimes I feel sorry for whomever works on the creative team. You try to book plans logically in the long term, only for it to be pulled under your feet. Bravo for those able to work under the pressure from the McMahons.

  • Chris

    Stephanie just sounds stupid in this whole thing!! If you have a great wrestling mind like Heyman under contract you have to utilize his strengths!!!

    • Xavier

      You mean the same “great wrestling mind” who’s promotion didn’t even last a full decade? The same “great wrestling mind” who screwed his talent over by paying them scrips or not paying them at all half the time?

      • Scott Davies

        I am really hoping Stephanie don’t have too much control when her & Triple H take over. Otherwise I think business would suck.

        • Kleck

          I don’t mean to start an argument, but I am curious as to why/how you believe the business would suck if Steph had her hands in creative more down the road.

  • Patrick

    ” Kreizman didn’t like seeing scripts being tossed and re-written just hours before the shows went live.”

    Welcome to the wonderfull World of Pro Wrestling. it’s far different then TV and movies. I don’t blame him for being frustrated. I’d feel the same way if I worked for the McMahons.

  • Josh

    The concept of long term booking went out the window in 1995 when the ever lovable In Your House PPVs were created – destroying the feel for a PPV being a big event and a feud blow off. Then from there, well they just jacked up all the prices for every PPV, made none more special than the other and started a new program every 2 weeks. When you join a creative team for WWE, you are a dope if you don’t see this coming or at least look into the things that have happened to other people in your position prior as a benchmark of what to expect.

    • Xavier

      I 100% agree with everything you said. But I’m not so sure that today’s fans have the patience to wait for feuds too develop like they did in the 80s/early 90s.

  • amaanakter

    I cant understand the logic why hire someone who works in the TV soap industry no disrespect to them but working and booking in the wrestling industry competely different world. Why can’t VKM just book somebody who has experience in the wrestling industry who is accustomed to last minute changes.

  • Stoney

    WWE need to stop hiring soap opera writers that have no experience in the wrestling business let alone watch or like it.