WWE Cutting One Of The Top 3?, Punk Pushing The Envelope, Signing International Talent, Hunter & Not Shane Succeeding Vince

If the contracts of CM Punk, John Cena or Randy Orton expired would Vince let any of them go?

All three are under lucrative long-term and high-paying WWE performer's contracts. Out of the three, Randy Orton is the least-secure in his job as there was a lot of talk about cutting him loose after his second-documented Wellness Policy violation a few months ago. However, I'm not sure how close WWE was to cutting Orton and many feel they just wanted to scare him. Regardless, Punk, Cena and Orton are the top stars in WWE and have more influence than anyone else.

It appeared that CM Punk's "color" on Raw in his cage match with Lawler was not only ad-libbed, but completely out of character for the new PG-WWE. What are your thoughts?

CM Punk suffered a nasty gash in his head during the steel cage match on Raw although there was plenty of talk of himĀ pushing the envelope. Whether or not the blood came completely hardway or part blade job, Punk wanted color and he got it. The blood certainly added to the match, his heel turn and was one of the very few high points to an otherwise lackluster show.

Currently, the WWE roster features some wrestlers who are from countries with a not-so-big pro wrestling tradition, such as Antonio Cesaro (Switzerland), Aksana (Lithuania), NXTs Rusev (Bulgaria) and recently signed Frenchmen La Ruffa and di Leo. Do you feel WWE should keep signing international workers in order to expand its viewership?

Global expansion is very important to WWE and they are focused on expanding in untapped markets. One market the company wants more penetration in is the country of China. Recently, a WWE executive admitted publicly the company is actively searching for Chinese talent. As for my thoughts, I think WWE should sign as many talented workers as possible. I don't care where a particular talent is from as long as they possess talent that makes them entertaining.

Why is it Triple H and not Shane McMahon tapped to succeed Vince McMahon?

Observers with ties close to the McMahon family have told me for years Vince looks at Triple H like the son he never had. The plan has always been [as long as Triple H and Stephanie have been married] for the company to go to Stephanie and Hunter and many feel Shane realized that which is why he moved on. Shane would probably say he wanted to try to be successful on his own. He has acknowledged his decision wasn't easy and was one that strained his relationship with his father. Vince was not expecting Shane to leave as Shane had done very good work in helping WWE expand globally.

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  • Logan_Walker

    doesn't Shane have a chines company or something like that

  • Sorry Please tell u


    We're gonna need you to write a comment before you can post it.

    • Good fo' Shane!

      LOL! To begin with, I agree with the previous comment 110%.

      Now to Shane…Obviously its not in Shanes blood to take orders for the remainder of his life. If Vince wants Hunter and Steph in charge so be it. But you can't blame Shane for not having the DNA to except that fate. Especially when opportunities for better pay and more power are available.

  • Patrick Peralta

    Knowing Vince thinks of HHH as the son he never had is a bit strange concidering he actually has a son ( Shane ) I do not doubt knowing that his father feels that way does not make Shane feel good. it would bother most people.

  • Bunts

    Always had a lot of time for Shane O Macs character! Man he took some big hits over the years… Would love to see him back someday.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard if HHH died today than what would happen to the company in the future?

    • Ken

      Steph I'd guess. She's a smart girl. Woman, sorry. There's no reason why she couldn't run the WWE on her own. There's plenty of talented business people backstage to carry the load.


    I find it hard to believe that creative can't fit Kidd, Gabriel, and McIntyre on 5+ hours of television weekly. Three of your better workers (all international) and they are not being used on a consistent basis.

  • Synyster

    If Vince calls Triple H the son he never had how can anyone blame Shane for moving on?

  • Philip Thompson

    Shane went out of his way to try and win his fathers approval. He took some crazy bumps – which most fathers would not want their sons doing. The difficulty is that you really need one person/couple at the top with the final decision. If you don't then you can end up with a total mess like TNA where there is no clear command structure. I really hope that Shane becomes very successful.

  • Bault16

    WE WANT BLOOD!! Wait is Punk bleeding? THIS IS WRONG!!!

  • DoJo

    Believe it or not I actually think that Shane O’Mac is one of the greatest in ring performers of all time – he has never had a bad match & given us highlight reel stuff to rival the very best, If he was more physically imposing he would/could have been vinny macs shining light!!!!!!!!! I don’t believe that vinny sees HHH as the son he never had but more as the person who will take the wwe to the next level because Shane left………. Remember the WWE is a publicly traded company NOT a family business anymore!!!!!!

  • jay

    Richard where is mason ryan?

  • jay

    Richard where is mason ryan? He s been.off tele for ages

    • Blazeking

      House shows

  • Kyle

    For the question about global expansion Richard is dead on. They care so much about expanding globally that they keep people like the great khali(who we all know can’t wrestle) because of where he’s from and brings a fan base from there.

    • Eddie

      I agree completely….
      I’m from India, the country khali belongs to… And i personally think that wrestlers like cm punk, randy Orton, cena, rey mysterio have a bigger fan following here than khali does….
      And I’ve heard -“the great khali is doing a great job, he is the nation’s pride” and more stuff like that only from people who never watch any wrestling show…..

      So i don’t think that having a wrestler from a country on your roster will get you any more viewers than you already have….
      Instead, if you sign talented guys, put up a good show, people will watch… No matter which country they belong to…. Just concentrate on good story lines and good matches and you won’t have to worry about your viewership…

  • AnacondaVise

    Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle at King off The Ring was a ridiculously good match.

  • BigMike

    It looked to me that the blood was hardway not a blade job. lets see how this works out .they have been TRYING to turn Punk heel since the 1000th show and the public has not allowed it it has taken him attacking and beating the hell out of Lawler in a well done program to get him heat again this shows you how difficult it is to turn the mind of the WWE universe

    • Joe O.

      To add to that, I still want to hear how my Chicagoans will react to CM (Chicago Made) Punk on Raw this week. I doubt we will allow a full heel turn and I expect Cena to get booed mercifully.

  • England87

    Best match with Shane was him, big show and Vince vs DX in the cell, one of the most brutal matchs I can think of.

  • Mike Hunt

    Triple H likes the sausage.

  • Matt

    I would love to see Shane come back. Such a wonderful mind who knows and understands business. Of course, Triple H is that, too. No matter what happens, WWE is going to be in very amazing hands when Vince dies in like 52 years (let's face it, he's not dying anytime soon)