WWE Demonizing Tea Party Americans As Racists?

Paul Joseph Watson on Alex Jones' InfoWars.com accuses WWE of demonizing Tea Party Americans as racists and slams the "state of the union" segment with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter on this week's Raw.

The author mentions the remark on commentary that Swagger and Colter received "fan mail" from Alex Jones, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and asserts the angle is based on the McMahon family's affiliation with the Republican establishment.

Click here to read the article in its entirety or listen to commentary in the video embedded below:

Richard Reacts: It's just an angle folks, just an angle.

  • H.M.

    LOL as soon as King made those remarks on commentary, i just KNEW there would be some ‘aftershock’ on top of the Colter promo as was. 😛

  • shwo

    I will admit I’m enjoying the angle however as someone who agrees with a lot of what Zeb says I do find it somewhat offensive. Illegal immigration is not exclusive to the people of Mexico or people of latin heritage. The announcers add to it by acting like they’re view is so extreme when the fact is an illegal immigrant is a criminal and should be treated as such. The issue is that they’ll target Del Rio but its kinda silly because he’s in the country legally and working so it counters their point.

    • You argee but find it offensive….? It’s just a storyline, you could probably change channels and find the same stuff on scripted TV shows. For some odd reason people forget Raw is a TV show not a sport. I like what there doing and think it leans more towards the attitude era.

      • Jimmy

        I agree with you, how long has it been since there was a storyline involving American vs Outsider stipulation and its the perfect storyline to fit Del Rio and Swagger.

        • jman72485

          the last time there was a storyline like this was back when it was Eddie Guerrero vs JBL. and the funny thing about that one was that Eddie was born in the states while jbl accused him of being an illegal…

          • lbp365

            I understand and u r right but the problem now is or the question is did his wife campaign run on these views now u having throug h your employees express personal views on issues this is the danger. And any wrestler knowing this and don’t have the same view should b and have to decide if they really want to b part of this because it’s not just a storyline its a political matter

      • shwo

        I find it offensive that its portrayed as racist when the belief is not racist.

    • evil

      “…the fact is an illegal immigrant is a criminal and should be treated as such…”

      Regardless of how you feel. This issue falls under civil law, not a criminal law.

  • Jim P

    All politics aside, there is an undeniable racist element to the gimmick and it does make me uncomfortable. Big Show has been similarly controversial with his promos on Alberto Del Rio. It’s a show, and they’re heels, I get it, but it makes me uncomfortable. It’s a huge extreme to go to, just for some cheap heat.

    • shwo

      What has he said that you would consider racist?

  • The only racist people I know are liberals so I don’t see this as that.

  • thebops

    I’m against the fact that they are painting Republicans as racists. I really don’t like this storyline at all. I happen to be against illegal immigration, that does not make me a racist.

  • John Palley

    Do NOT associate Alex Jones with conservative beliefs. The man is insane and dishonest, and it is easy for the MSM to parade him out when they need a straw man.