Chase Donovan & Nick Rogers Released From WWE Developmental; More Cuts Expected?

The WWE developmental releases continue as the profiles of Chase Donovan and Nick Rogers have been removed from the official NXT Wrestling website.

The word coming out of this week's TVs was that releases were expected as there was hesitation about making cuts during Linda McMahon's run for United States Senate. Branding her as a "proven jobs creator," WWE didn't want to announce any high profile cuts that could provide her opponent with ammunition. With the campaign over, it's believed cutbacks are inevitable.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Fernando for his help with this information.

  • Ken

    "I'm a proven jobs creator. I am! Really! What, I couldn't buy and lie my way to a seat? Sod it then. Vince! Fire 'em all."

    Looks like Chase and Nick got a few extra weeks on their developmentals because of Linda's run. That's two people in the industry who can be grateful for Linda's enate run then.

  • Liam

    Neither had a chance at being anything anyways