WWE Developmental Update

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The latest on the WWE developmental fiasco is the company is looking at opening a developmental territory in Stamford, Connecticut. They have also ended their deal with the Brighthouse Network to carry Florida Championship Wrestling in the local Tampa market.

With that being said, the word is the company will maintain their relationship with FCW and there are no plans at this time to shut down the promotion.

This is a situation where if there's smoke, there's fire and there were details that hit the Internet the company clearly didn't want getting out. While WWE officials indicated the reports were completely bogus, I can assure you that isn't the case.

  • Matt Scott

    So do they plan on having two developmentla territories now? That's not a bad idea.

    • Matt Scott

      Sorry, developmental. Didn't look before I clicked submit! Duh!

      • Ricky

        They had 2 back in the day with OVW and HWA. Then cut ties with HWA and they made DSW, then cut ties with OVW and DSW and made FCW.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    cutting off the TV show is not a good idea even with them touring. they still need TV. I'll miss seeing FCW

  • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

    nxt is now wwe official dvlpmnt territory


    That is the case??? How??? All they did was end their deal with the channel not the actual promotion

  • Richard any news on when Ambrose etc will be on the main roster? This all points to them being called up straight after WM I think.

  • ryan25056

    im really over how badly the readers of this website take people making spelling errors, every single time anyone makes a mistake they get thumbs down or criticized, relax everyone its so petty.