WWE Diva Gets Engaged

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We recently noted that Kaitlyn had been vacationing in the Turks & Caicos. As it turns out, she got engaged to her boyfriend PJ Braun. Below are some photos of the happy couple:


  • smark calloway

    if tyson kidd and kurt angle could somehow have a child together, it would look like him

    • BlazeKing

      I’m still laughing 5 minutes later!

    • MKD718

      Lol. So true

  • Corey Welsh

    its just a shame she’s getting married.

    • JAE

      I also feel that she could easily do a lot better.

  • Matt

    OMG He looks like a Jersey Shore reject. She deserves much better.

  • PFElton

    If only she was normal like Darren Young, huh Rich?

    • Mysterion

      Any reason you constantly attack someone for having no issue with openly gay individuals? It makes you look narrow minded, ignorant and all in all homophobic.

  • mike

    You just knew Kaitlyn would be with someone huge like him.