WWE Diva Sent Home From European Tour (Updated With WWE Statement)

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In a story we've been trying to gather more details on, Rosa Mendes has been sent home from WWE's European tour. Messages left with WWE in attempt for comment were not immediately returned.

The gist of the story is that Rosa had displayed outlandish behavior throughout the trip and it was time for her to return home for her own well-being. Wrestle Zone, who first broke the story, claimed the behavior had to do with being intoxicated throughout the entire loop thus far.

Rosa has had a limited role on shows, appearing at Smackdown live events with Primo and Epico.

Begin update - April 22, 2013 at 4:00 PM EST

The company has issued the following statement regarding Rosa Mendes:

"Milena Roucka (Rosa Mendes) left the international tour for personal reasons."

End update

There was a similar story involving Mendes, whose real name is Milena Roucka, that happened last August.  It was then she was traveling from her home in Las Vegas, Nevada to San Antonio, Texas for WWE Raw when she was found distraught in the women's restroom at the San Antonio International Airport.

She told police her fiancé at the time, former WWE talent,Jackson Andrews (real name Stephen Andrew Slocum),was a habitual woman beater and “hit her several times at their shared residence in Las Vegas” prior to her flight.

Mendes was observed at the airport as to being very intoxicated, stumbling and having a hard time walking.  She was taken from the public women’s restroom to a private security room where police filed the battery report and took pictures. Mendes was then transported from the airport to a local hotel.

Mendes has since moved onto an apparent relationship with Bijan "RythmiK" Williams according to this photo on her Twitter account. She has not Tweeted since leaving with WWE for the European tour.

  • probably time to cut her loose. No one really miss her especially if she’s replaced by someone like Paige or Audrey Marie.

  • The arbiter

    It sounds like Rosa needs some help and support. I doubt she has had time to really cope with being a victim of domestic assault and acting out is probably her way of trying to cope. It’s pretty sad as I on’t want to see her turn out to be another Sunny. I hope WWE gets her in a programme.

  • lll

    I’m hoping this story is not true.

  • _JIM_

    Some people just aren’t meant for that life style. The time away from family and loved ones due to the sometimes extreme travel schedule seems to be hard for some people, while others thrive on it. Then add in the temptation to drink and to use other recreational substances that haunts a lot of people who live that life style, and you have what can easily turn into a pretty toxic existance. There’s just no way to tell the people who will be able to handle it from those who can’t until they go out and live it for awhile. Which is unfortunately sometimes too late. For her sake let’s hope she can get it together.