WWE Does Injury Angle With Top Star At Smackdown (Spoiler)

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WWE did an injury angle at this week's Smackdown taping with Randy Orton. The company had The Shield put him through a table in a backstage segment and later had Matt Striker update that he had a "separated shoulder" or "possible concussion."

It would appear this is WWE's way of writing Orton off television as he suffered an apparent wrist injury at Sunday's Tribute to the Troops taping.

Click here for full Smackdown taping results and click here to view the sparse attendance.

  • HugeRockStar

    Can this guy last more than 2 months without getting written off tv for something lol

    • christopher525

      He's getting back into his injury prone self again, not a good sign.

    • William Shatner

      He's getting as bad as Rey Misterio for that.

    • Jimmy

      WWE hasn't booked him in a decent rivalry in almost a year now, for the last couple of week he's had no storyline, he just comes out and beats random wrestlers

  • Wait… then he's gonna show up on Tribute to the Troops in a week. Why not do the injury angle after the troops show?

  • Stoney

    hasn't been a good year for Orton ie injuries, suspensions, humblings, and more injuries

  • Ashley C.

    WWE needs Randy Orton.. Stop writing he off.. People pay money to see The Viper in action!

  • The Big Organ

    I for one will not miss him…he can stay out for months for all I care.

  • Lin

    Isn't Cesaro wrestling with a broken hand/fingers? And Drew had surgery on his wrist and wasn't written off TV, granted he hasn't wrestled a single match since then. And I think DiBiase worked with an injured wrist before he injured his foot/ankle and couldn't continue.

    But if this is a way of turning him heel, I'm all for it.

  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    He will come back as the leader of the Shield

    • Nick B

      God I hope not!

  • Adam

    Has orton been suspended again???

  • Dexter Morgan

    The Age of Orton eh?

  • Mr.Kevo

    Before I even clicked on this story to find out who the person was I thought damn Randy Orton again? Not that I'm extremely disappointed. I just hope he comes back heel as his character has gotten so stale and boring.

  • Randy

    I want a heel turn orton sucked this year even though he’s my favorite wrestler and he comes back a face from this injury or he’s staying face he can stay out for a year but I see him costing team hell no and ryback at tlc this sunday

  • Jay Riverz

    The Age of Orton?? More like the Age of BORING! So many people critisize John Cena with his “4 or is it 5 moves” finish(Cena’s truly funny in real life). But the “Viper” does the same friggin thing! Clothesline, Clothesline, Dodge the “aimless retaliation”, “powerslam”, drop to floor like a “snake”, RKO. Yet, people cheer and pretend like they dont know whats gonna happen!! C’mon people, Your killing me! Siyanara Orton!

  • Jason17

    I hope he gets better, but keep him away send him on a 3 month vacation hes a boring ass superstar anyway. Take Del Rio too and grab sheamus while you at it