WWE Doing Missing Angle With John Cena

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- The following is from the WWE Insider Twitter account:


  • JakShowtime

    Heeeeeeeeeeel turn.

  • Anthony

    wwe should play the angle that hes missing…then have him come back as an angry HEEL cena who feels the fans have done nothing for him and blames them for his loss against the rock…not angry super baby face cena. TIME TO PULL THE TRIGGER VINCE..MAKE HIM HEEL!!!!

  • Eloy Tijerina

    Sounds somewhat heelish… Just sayin

  • Cena Sucks

    Hopefully he’ll never come back..

    • Dan

      I agree but we know we can’t get that lucky. Lol

  • patti64

    He’s gonna come out at the very end of the show and destroy rocky

    • Big D

      After the WHC match last night, I wouldn't put it past Vince.

  • Fruity pebbles hater

    I guess we really can't see you now cena

  • H.M.

    Never been so hyped for Raw in ages. So much to follow up on with the Lesnar hype, Lord Tensai's possible re-debut, Cena, the next chapter of Y2J/Punk and the followup of Taker/HHH.

    I just hope the post-WM follow up isn't such a big lull like past years.

    This Cena missing has me hyyyped ;P

  • Ricky Valdez

    Anybody who boos john cena has no idea what wars in wwe he has gone through, he has faced the undertaker HHH HBK kurt angle Brock lesnar, and other top superstars and through it all win or loose has shined, a real wrestling fan would not boo him and would appreciate what wars this man has been in and for that would respect him for that.

    • Anon

      it's simple: CENA SUCKS!

      • Tom lee

        U mother suck !!!!

      • Tom

        Remember how cent loss at last wm27 ?
        Remember How he loss the wwe tiltle last time ?
        Who is suck now ??

      • Tom

        U damn suck !
        Remember how cena loss at wm 27 last year ??

  • Batch-pz101

    I love all these people that sit on these sites and talk trash about cena but if he ever left everyone would want him back as fast as he left….

    • Tomas

      Not me, I've disliked Yawn Cena from day one. From the moment he opened his mouth and overacted saying "Ruthlessaaa AAAAGression!" (poor Kurt Angle must have thought he was in a thunderstorm with all the spittle flying from Cena's mouth) to his yo/wigger/Poor Man's Mark Wahlberg phase to his Supercena/I-was-never-in-the-military-but-I'm-going-to-pretend-I-was-because-I-did-a-shitty-movie-called-the-Marine

  • Joe

    We found him he’s in Kansas he was left there after the tornado

  • Ricky Valdez

    Damm cena can’t catch a break, first Rock now Brock lesnar, lol, is wwe trying to kill of John cena.

  • Logan_Walker

    Im Sorry But I Just Dont Ever See a Cena Heel Turn.. He was Meant to be Heel At Mania…. he was only at the match… Face It Guys & Girls i just Dont See it

  • nish/ cena fan

    without cena, there is no raw. that’s what makes it so exciting, cena has come so far in this business and for people to boo him just shows how much of a coward these fans. cena is my idol, always will be. rise above hate/ hustle loyalty respect

  • Bruno

    There is no wwe without cena

    • Len

      wwe is cena and it vice versa..most of the people that boos him are the same people who's chant for him last time..such a hypocrite fans..