WWE Donating $1.2 Million To Sports Legacy Institute Over Three Years

USA Today reported on Thursday that WWE will donate $1.2 million over three years to Chris Nowinski's Sports Legacy Institute to further research aimed at developing a treatment for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

"Obviously, I think it's such a huge concern for everybody right now in sports and in the military. As we learn more and more about concussions and what can become of it, I think it's a problem for everybody," Paul Levesque, WWE executive vice president of Talent and Live Events, told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday.

"We still hit people with metal chairs, just not in the head anymore," said Levesque, who as a ring star and occasional wrestler is known as Triple H. "We took out the things that ... caused the most concussions and the most head impacts."

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  • Chris

    I still think they need to research the connection between performance enhancement, concussions, and CTE. If you find a link, close the loophole in the Wellness Policy.

  • Dave L

    Listen, I’m all for Donations but Whats $1.2 really? Who’s rent is that going to pay, some computers or toilet paper, WWE should step up and donate the talent’s heads after each PPV, let them get scanned and really see the effects of head shots on Talent.