WWE Dot Com Article Calls Eric Bischoff A "Sports-Entertainment Punchline"

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Dot com has a new article online looking at how the WCW Cruiserweight Championship "changed the game." However, the piece is grabbing headlines because of what it says about TNA executive Eric Bischoff. Below is an excerpt:

Through the crumbling of WCW and his own shameless self-promotion, Bischoff has become somewhat of a sports-entertainment punchline. It’s not a totally unfair assessment of the guy who once challenged Mr. McMahon to a karate fight live on pay-per-view, but the truth is the slick salesman had more than a few good ideas hiding beneath his Ken doll hair and, more importantly, had the nerve to pull them off. So, with Ted Turner’s blank checks in his pocket, Bischoff set out to amass the single greatest lightweight roster in sports-entertainment history.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Zach


  • Kris Hardy

    Don't see any controversy here. If he didn't want to be called a "sports-entertainment punchline," then he should stop being a "sports-entertainment punchline."

  • H.M.

    It's funny cuz it's true.

  • Ted

    Bischoff owns Vince ~~~4 LIFE!!!!

  • AJG316

    My money says that this is going to be they beginning of the tna vs wwe war we've all been dreaming about for all to long

    • Dangerous Lee

      Remember the tna/wwe “war” in 2010? Yea…….

  • Msuth

    What WWE/TNA war? I wasn’t really back watching at that point. Could someone enlighten me?

    • Angus

      Back in 2010, TNA tried to go head to head with RAW on Monday nights. lasted about 5-6 weeks, then they went back to pre-taped on Thursdays (which I prefer as their live product is not that great, in my opinion).