WWE Elimination Chamber Not Available On Xbox 360

WWE noted here on dot com that Elimination Chamber will not be available on Xbox 360. They say the reason is in anticipation for the launch of the WWE Network, which takes place on Monday at 9 AM EST.

In addition to Xbox, the pay-per-view will not be available on Dish Network because they are salty over the upcoming WWE Network and acting like spoiled children.

  • xbox370?

    when does the xbox 370 come out? Will it even be released in time for EC?

    • There’s no such thing. XBox One is their upcoming model I believe.

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        Just an FYI. the Xbox 360 has been out for nearly 10 years.
        The Xbox One has been out since November.

  • John

    So much for “keeping your journalism professional” with the little dig at Dish Network calling them spoiled little children. Very disappointing act of amateurism.

    • Relax John. Take a deep breath and relax.

    • Stephen Heim

      You’d be upset if they lied to you about why they aren’t showing the PPV.