Ambulance Match
- Kane vs. John Cena

The ambulance is shown backing up into the arena next to the entranceway. Justin Roberts runs down the rules quickly before the match begins.

The entrances:

Kane is the first man to enter the arena, and it sounds to me like he gets a pretty favorable reaction from the crowd.

Cena is the next man to make his way out to the ring, and it’s a mixed reaction from the crowd, but it’s easily the biggest of the night.

The start:

Kane tries to send Cena into the ambulance, but Cena fights it off and hits Kane with a backboard, using it to smash Kane while he’s lying on the floor. Cena beats Kane around the entryway, but Kane fights back with chops to the throat and face. Kane sends Cena into the barricade hard. Kane tries to whip Cena into the ring steps, but it’s reversed, and Kane eats stairs. Cena sends things back into the ring. Kane fights off Cena, eventually mounting him and hitting him with right hand after right hand. Kane beats on Cena in the corner, sending him across the ring and charging after with a big clothesline.

Mid-match notes:

Cena fights back, and both men trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Kane catches Cena and drops him with a side slam. Kane heads up to the top turnbuckle. Kane leaps from the top, but he’s caught with a dropkick to the legs and knees by Cena. Cena hits Kane with a shoulderblock, and a belly to back suplex. Cena sets up for the five knuckle shuffle, hitting it. Cena waits for Kane to stand, and he shoulders him, but Kane fights him off. Kane tries to smother Cena with his hand, taking him down to the mat. Cena fades, and Kane eventually lets go of the hold.

Kane drags Cena out of the ring, dropping him to the arena floor. Kane goes underneath the ring, where he’s apparently stowed a wheelchair. Kane picks Cena up and seats him in the wheelchair, rolling Cena up the entranceway and toward the ambulance. Cena starts to fight it off, so Kane tries to smother him with his hand again. Cena is able to stand up to his feet and fight off Kane, slamming him into the barricade. Kane and Cena fight toward the ambulance, and Cena sends Kane into the side of the ambulance. Cena heads back toward the ring to grab the wheelchair. Cena collapses the wheelchair, and uses it to smash Kane in the face, dropping him. Cena sets up the wheelchair and seats Kane in it, waving away one of the cameramen. Cena runs with Kane in the chair and launches him into a table that’s set up out of sight of the entryway.

Kane catches Cena out of nowhere with some sort of piece of equipment. Cena fights back with a chair, hitting Kane in the gut, and the back, sending him to the floor. Cena and Kane fight out toward the crowd in the technical area, fighting around all of the sensitive broadcast equipment. Kane hits Cena with a chop to the chest as the make their way into the crowd. Kane sends Cena to the floor with a big right hand to the face. Kane tries to whip Cena into the barricade back to the ringside area, but it’s reversed, and Kane flies back into the ringside area. Cena grabs the mic and says something before hitting Kane and asking if he can be in Booker’s fave five. Cena grabs a monitor and blasts Kane in the face.

Cena grabs the ring steps and picks them up, ramming them into Kane’s face, laying out the big red monster. Cena drops the set of steps he’s carrying, and picks up the bigger set of ring steps, setting it up next to the announce table. He picks up the smaller steps and uses them to hit Kane again before placing them on top of the bigger stairs next to the announce table.

Cena waits for Kane to get to his feet, and he shoulders the big man. Cena walks over to the steps, and walks up to the top. Kane fights off of his shoulders, and takes Cena down with a chokeslam through the announce table.

Kane brings the stretcher back to the ringside area and picks Cena up from under the table debris. Kane lays Cena on the gurney, and beats on him while he drags him toward the ambulance.

Kane brings Cena all the way to the ambulance on the gurney. He throws Cena in the ambulance and closes one of the doors, but Cena doesn’t allow Kane to close the other door. He jumps out and begins fighting back, slamming Kane up against the ambulance and slamming him head first into the ambulance before slamming him into the door of the ambulance. Cena climbs on top of the cab of the ambulance and taunts Kane to follow. Kane obliges and Cena and Kane fight on top of the ambulance.

Cena fights off a chokeslam, and shoulders Kane, hitting an AA from the top of the ambulance, through part of the set, which obviously had to have been gimmicked.

The finish:

Cena opens up the back of the ambulance, and picks Cena up out of the set. Cena puts Kane in the back of the ambulance and shuts the doors.

Winner: John Cena

The ambulance is shown heading through the arena and out to the streets as Cena celebrates in the ring. Cena points at the WrestleMania sign, and says he’s ready. He poses, to the chagrin of the fans, and the PPV ends with Cena’s smiling face.

  • sexy cena

    sexy cena is winning

  • Lindsay Anderson

    Alright! Cena reigned victorious! Life is GREAT! Cena is our true champ! Cenation shall live forever, HUSTLE LOYALTY RESPECT! Cenation over & out!

    • Brandon

      Speak for yourself.

    • Save us

      You're a troll. I just know it. *crosses fingers*

  • t0m

    Wat the hell was that

  • Bmac4395

    Why was this the main event?

  • steve2

    This whole show sounded awful. Glad I didn’t order it

  • Ron

    Everyone should have known John Cena was gonna win. I didn't even see the pay-per-view nor read the results Some things never change.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Whenever a wrestler is thrown somewhere we can’t see, I just assume they fall into a bunch of pillows. Kane fell into a bunch of pillows.

  • Tyler

    Lets Go Cena!

    • Cenawontembracethehate

      Cena. Is a beast..why do people start to hate him for kissing Eve last Monday? ZACK Would have done the same thing.
      ~Cena wont embrace the hate.

      • WyFo

        Dude, they hated Cena way before he kissed Eve

  • Herro

    Worst ec ever! Not one title change

  • Bryan

    Thats it??? He didnt embrace the hate?

  • James

    ughhhhhhhhhhhh same old same!!! through out this whole story line absolutly zero cena change, he defeats big bad kane and SMILES about it, come on now be serious Cena, they better not just throw away this whole " embrace hate" storyline!

    • hurrigame

      Completely agree on all counts. Cena winning =SOS.

    • joseph

      that what this story was, just something for cena to do befor facing the rock. cena had to win here cause if not the rivalry would continue to wrestlemania which cant happened

  • J.J.

    was this the last match of the night?

  • H.M.

    I don't really think Cena embraced anything. Kane losing clean as a masked monster to Super Cena…no Ryder or Eve interference…nothing special. I am disappointed – highly disappointed. Not only that but Cena was in the main event over TWO EC world title matches. Ugh.

    • felicia

      stop being a hater

  • Stoney

    Has Cena ever lost a wrestling feud?

    • Alex

      Orton. He would take Cena years before he would end up beating Orton after he lost the title to him.

    • WyFo

      CM Punk last Summer

  • Hardy

    Well that was boring and predictable.

  • Bryan

    Of course he was gonna win, if anyone ever thought otherwise they are just silly. Do people really think that they are going to make Cena look weak in the build up to the biggest match in WWE history?

  • [email protected]

    I don’t think it’s ova just yet. it’s too much time still left until it’s time to rebuild rock and cena. Kane will probably leave another message on the titantron telling him he won’t rest until he embraces the hate. someone is gonna do a turn or a double turn could happen involving Ryder eve and cena

  • BrianJ

    This match should not have been the main event. I knew Super Cena was probably going to win but Kane getting slammed onto unseen padding to give Cena the victory was awful. The WWE Championship chamber match should have closed the show.

  • Matt

    Cena lifting Kane and walking up the ring steps was an amazing feat. When he does things like that, it makes me more mad when people boo him. Between his strength, what he does for kids and all around being a great ambassador for a great business, this guy is awesome. Kane had a great match too but it was obvious that leading up to The Rock, Cena wasn't gonna lose this match and look weak for The Rock.

  • alvaro

    Refund please

  • sami

    Personally… I was bit annoyed with the match… Kane was dominating ever since his return with the mask, he found the monster within… last night I felt after all these weeks of Kane dominating it was like he was a human again… Where is the kane that is on the ground and sits up?!

    I am not one to be frustrated but last night seeing Cena take it to kane like he did I just felt it ruined what could have been so much more… To have something such as Kane dominating Cena and Cena to then make a come back would be awesome but last night it just felt like a typical "Cena" match… I also feel they could have involved Eve more to create more of these "hate" figure that Kane is on about… just an opinion though!

    Overall I would have gave it a grade B … which to me is gutting for a main event that could have had so much more to it … But that is just my own opinion! … but still looking forward to WRESTLEMANIA! 😀

  • felicia

    For all u folks hating on Cena wins, please shut the hell up!!!

  • Jackwagon

    Didn't care who won the match. But why was this the main event? I miss the good old days when the champ was guaranteed to be in the main event. If you want to main even these days, you better be in a program with Cena. Goes to show you what WWE thinks of their titles.


    This was actually a bad WWE Elimination Chamber match.It's not because Cena was in the main event,I respect,and love John Cena,the thing is that the main event should have been one of the world tittles as the main event.I hope they do this for the next Elimination Chamber match next year.

  • Anjani Rathee

    WWE should have made at least ONE title change! The whole show was boring! The divas championship should have changed hands!

  • Benjamin Ilo


  • Super cena vs Masked Kane