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John Laurinaitis makes his way out to the ring with David Otunga in tow. He doesn’t get a very favorable reaction from the crowd.

Ace introduces himself, and lets us know that the board of directors wants him to be the interim GM for the time being. He says Teddy Long should be held to the same scrutiny. He says he knows there are lots of complaints against Long. Before he can continue he's interrupted by music.

Alberto Del Rio makes his way out to the arena. Johnny Ace looks pretty happy as Del Rio makes his way out to the ring. Del Rio has a mic and he insults Teddy Long before saying he plays favorites and holds grudges. He says Long is corrupt, and he's a piece of trash that's good for nothing, and we don't need people like that in this business. He turns to Laurinaitis and says he has a good idea, that Ace should be the permanent GM for both Raw and Smackdown.

Mark Henry is the next man to make his way out to the ring and interrupt things. Henry also has a mic in hand. Henry says that Teddy Long is a bully. He says that two weeks ago, Long physically assaulted him. He says just like the good guy that Henry is, he fell for it, and he was wrongly suspended for it. Henry turns to Ace and says they've never seen eye to eye, but he's never been a bully, throw his weight around, nor has Henry seen him abuse his power. He says just like Del Rio, he thinks that Ace should be the permanent GM of Raw and Smackdown.

Christian makes his return to a huge pop next. He says he knows Teddy Long better than everyone else. He says if it weren't for Long he'd be competing for the title tonight. He says Long created an unsafe working environment, and that's why he's asking the board to make Johnny the GM of Smackdown. Laurinaitis thanks everyone and asks Otunga to take a picture of everyone who came out to support the movement. Everyone gets together and Christian gives a cheesy thumbs up. Otunga makes sure to get himself into the picture as well. Everyone shakes hands before heading out of the ring to the back.

Santino’s training continues as he’s shown in front of a set of stairs, probably at the arena. He runs up them, quickly, since there aren’t many, before celebrating at the top.

  • Paul

    There was no actual announcement?

  • Lindsay Anderson

    You are DEAD wrong. The board needs to wake up, Laurinaitis needs to be fired with his brown terd Otunga, they're the bullies. Henry needs to be suspended permanently & Daniel Bryan does too. Are you people blind. Orton & many others have to damn near get killed before you dumb board people see. Teddy Long & Triple H are AWESOME! Time for a REALITY CHECK! Either things change or I switch to TNA, plain simple cut & dried. Oh yeah Cena's the true champ, OVER & OUT!

    • D.Nyte

      Um…you do realize this is scripted right?

    • Terra Ryzing


    • Dangerous Lee

      Lol. Permanently suspended? So you mean fired, right??

    • Damien

      Have fun watching TNA.

  • Paul

    There was no actual announcement? What was the point?

  • Dirk Mingler

    I’m seeing a WM match between Johnny Ace vs Teddy Long for full control of both shows!

  • Thumpa

    Most pointless segment ever and a waste of returning Christian and ADR