WWE Elimination Chamber Pre Show Match Announced

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WWE has announced Brodus Clay & Tensai vs. The Rhodes Scholars for the Elimination Chamber Pre Show that will be streamed live on YouTube.

We'll carry the footage live on Sunday night at 8 PM EST here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • Kings of Wrestling

    WHY???? Thats lame why not Barrett vs Dallas

    • coolk

      Hopefully it will be added along with the u.s. Title match with miz and cesaro since we have 1 chamber match, plus what if a big swerve happens like after rock beats punk, heyman gets on the mic and say he arrange a deal with vickie to make rock defend the title again, and his opponent is revealed to be brock lesnar. Brock beats a tired rock and become wwe champion. This will set up a triple threat match at mania. Explain why all 3 men is on the wm poster.

      • Loren Goldstein

        Wow, that wouldn’t make Brock look weak at all, needs to come in and beat on an already tired Rock?

        • coolk

          Not saying it will make him look weak but it would be a huge twist to wrestlemania. Just imagine the build up. 3 of the biggest stars compete for the wwe title.

  • PainOfDemise

    So what happened to them going their seperate ways? Seems like someone isn’t ready to give it up since they’re teaming together again at live shows and now for the pre-show.

  • Ray

    WWE can ever make a desicion and stick with it. They break Rhodes Scholars up and than put them back together in live events… now in the PPV Pre-Show! Must be a kick in the junk to Sandow. He thought they were splitting them up so he could get a upper card push and instead he’s back with Rhodes doing YouTube pre-shows.

  • So who is turning Tensai or Brodus Clay? I’m assuming Brodus Clay?