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What's the most realistic best case scenario for WWE's popularity by the end of 2014?

While I obviously don't have a crystal ball big enough to predict the future for WWE, it looks bright. The long-awaited WWE Network will launch later this month and it's expected to increase product interest and viewer engagement. In addition to giving fans 24/7 365 day access to the company, it's also expected to greatly increase the number of people that watch their pay-per-view events. WWE and their current television partners are optimistic this will increase ratings and spike viewership. Another thing WWE has in the works this year is their new domestic TV deal which will be decided on by March 4, 2014. All things considered, WWE is growing and getting an even bigger monopoly on the pro wrestling business.

Did CM Punk walk out and quit WWE or is he just taking a break?

CM Punk walked out on WWE but remains under a Performer's contract that is set to expire in July. The belief from those close to him is that mental and physical burnout resulted in his decision to go home. We're now learning that friends of his knew he was considering leaving and that consideration has now been realized. As of Monday morning, WWE was operating under the assumption he was gone and was moving on without him. The belief is the proposed Wrestlemania XXX match against Triple H is still there if he comes back but obviously that's not going to stay like that forever. We have another update you can read at this link.

What's the latest on Sting right now?

Like WWE is doing with CM Punk, TNA Wrestling has moved on under the assumption that Sting is gone. The belief is Sting is getting close to signing a WWE contract, however, we haven't been made aware of any plans to utilize him at Wrestlemania. My hunch is that WWE will look to utilize Sting as a focal point in attracting former lapsed WCW fans to entice them to subscribe to the WWE Network.

Can you give us more information on Wrestling News World in the Apple App Store or in Google Play?

I actually spent part of the weekend making modifications to our Dirt Sheet app that is available in both the Apple App Store and in Google Play. The App features everything you could possibly be looking for in a pro wrestling App, including breaking news alerts via push notifications. It's compatible with tablets as well as you can install for free in the Apple App Store at this link or in Google Play at this link. I also recommend checking out the Wrestling News World App in iTunes at this link. If you've been using one of our Apps and enjoy it, please take a minute and submit a review for us.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2011: Do you think Sin Cara (blue) could end up with a title opportunity? - The original hope for Sin Cara was to make him the second coming of Rey Mysterio; however, WWE officials learned very quickly that was much easier said than done. It’s going to take patience to get Sin Cara to that level and I’m sure some in the company already doubt his ability to ever be a main eventer. Rey Mysterio is a very rare talent as I feel he’s one of the best workers in pro wrestling history.

The next installment of Ask WNW is scheduled to run on Tuesday, February 4, 2014.

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  • Max Akh

    Richard I think you’re one of the coolest dudes. I love how you answered my question on short notice about WWE best case by end of year so thank you. Was hoping you would say best case is another wrestling boom.

    • Hul Kogan

      Might want to rub that brown off your nose before going out.

      • Given the amount of troll comments I go through on a daily basis, having one that is appreciative is actually quite refreshing.

        • TheBigKing1

          LOL. Yeah, I agree.

        • Rus

          I feel sorry for the person who has to go threw all the posts to get rid of the trolls lol, almost every comment I make ( & Iv been here for over a year ) I have someone calling me an idiot or a know it all ( no one here knows anything its only an opinion ) and it totally vacuums the fun out of it. Maybe 10% of the time I actually get a fellow ICWer and have a good convocation but then ends up having a troll calling all of us idiots. I don’t mind a good old debate but this place is becoming a trolls heaven

    • Jack

      Hogan vs orton for the title main event at mania…let’s put the belt back on the hulkster and at the end of the match hogan turns on the fans and then the lights go out and sting is in the rafters in his black trench coat with the bat

  • Tim

    I’ll give my wwe predictions. It’s still filled with whiny crybabies at the top like orton and the app is cool if I don’t get sent to the App Store over and over.

    • Ron

      Remember Orton was happy playing the third face for the entire 2012-13.he deserves to main event wm30 whereas punk just walked out after only a year of without being in the title picture even though he was involved in top level feuds with Lesnar,taker etc he is just another selfish wrestler the iwc might not like it but it is a fact.Deal With It.

      • sheamusfan

        But does Batista deserve to main event WM30 ?Shouldn’t punk or Bryan deserve to main event mania?

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          Depends on who you’re asking.

          • TheBigKing1


        • TheBigKing1

          That’s old news bro. What’s done is done. I vocally voiced my opinion on that when it was rumored to happen. Since I knew they were sticking to that plan, I became apathetic to it…and I was like whatever. They can right their wrongs. But I’m not going to be a mark…and I’m not going to cry over spilled milk either…like most people in the IWC did.

        • Jimmy

          Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan deserves to main even Wrestlemania.

      • Bob’s Diner

        “Remember Orton was happy playing the third face for the entire 2012-13”

        You must be forgetting the countless interviews he did complaining that he wanted to be the top heel again. Besides which, if the internet is to be believed, he was placed in that position due to another wellness violation while in a top spot. I seriously doubt he was happy about it at all, but given he is HHH’s protege he knew he would be back on top once that was over

        • Jimmy

          You can’t say Orton wasn’t trying hard to get back to that top spot, he went under to alot of people and stuck to every boring storyline they gave him. In my opinion he paid his dues, maybe not to be in the very top position but atleast to be brought back to the main event scene.

          • Bob’s Diner

            I can. Looking back on the year up-to winning the Money in the Bank, he got numerous non-title wins over IC, US, WWE and World Heavyweight champions. He won matches on PPV against Big Show and Dolph Ziggler. He feuded with The Shield, who were pretty much the hottest group on the roster. He was booked VERY strong throughout the year and never made to look weak at all – you only have to watch the Elimination Chamber match to see that.

            However, since getting what he wanted and becoming a heel champion, his performances on the mic and in the ring have been completely underwhelming – he has phoned it in at every opportunity. He has been in the world title picture constantly for 7 years now so I don’t see a 12 month stretch of him not holding a title as ‘paying his dues’. That is what he should have done earlier in his career. It might have helped prevent him turning into such a diva

          • Venom

            and during that time people couldn’t wait for Orton to get back to the top. And when he did they crapped on it. I think Orton would be over if they had used his wellness strike as part of a storyline. And before people criticise this, remember they did that with a Jeff Hardy/MVP storyline.

            They could have had Bryan have his moment after summer slam for 9 months to a year with the wwe title and let’s face it we’d all be sick of him by then. Orton could have done an angle where he had to work his way back up and get his moment. Heck they could have done this last year and then turn him on fans. But it happened out of nowhere when he cashed in and turned heel with triple h’s help that it just pissed everyone off.

            Also wanted to add, the crowd at the royal rumble wasn’t the “bizarro crowd” we get at WM and the next night. They were regular Pittsburg fans. Once it cme down to the final 2 they forgot about Bryan and started chanting for roman reigns. It says a lot about the situation. If a normal crowd hijacked the show, the Bizzaro crowd will do worse.

          • Jimmy

            I think the idea of Orton cashing in on Bryan’s biggest moment was to get him ultimate heel heat, but we can clearly see how well that worked lol. As for using the wellness strike as a storyline line, i think that would have been a good idea considering WWE uses alot of real life situations in storylines. Like you said about Jeff Hardy, they also brought up MVP’s jail time, King’s heart attack even the passing of Eddie Guerrero and Paul Bearer.

            I might be going out on a limb by saying that i think Daniel Bryan’s “Yes” chant is more popular than him, people like to chant yes because its the popular thing to do right now and they want to fit in with the crowd, Remember the “what” chants? Or what about “Fandangoing”? Its just a WWE trend. That’s why they forgot or maybe didn’t care about Bryan in the final 2 of the Rumble. But thats just my opinion on Bryan.

          • Bob’s Diner

            I agree with the idea behind Orton cashing in, but the problem was it became more about HHH than Orton; HHH was the one who cost Bryan the belt, HHH was the one who kept making bad matches for Bryan and Big Show, HHH was the one who screwed over Bryan again and again… and now he’s the one telling Orton to prove himself every week. After the last few weeks in particular, you’d think they are building an Orton/HHH program

          • Venom

            Well Bryan said it himself that fans like to cheer a simple word and do a hand movement. Cause even Rybacks “feed me more” chant was catchy and fans stopped chanting Goldberg but chanted his phrase. He just took it out of his entrance and stopped doing it when he turned heel.

            I know Bryan didn’t invent the yes chant as an MMA fighter does it. But I saw him on YouTube and its nit the same way Bryan does it. MMA fighter does it as a positive energy and says it once every 10 seconds (from what I saw). Bryan started doing it when he won the world title and was winning matches by fluke to begin the heel turn.

            Everything gets copied and modified. CM Punk, Bryan and Chris Jericho use Best in the World. Eddie Guerrero once said he got Latino Heat from a show he was watching at night.

      • TheBigKing1


      • Tim

        You say the iwc might not like it. Like the non iwc doesn’t cry when someone says HHH or orton sucks. Speaking of selfish. How about orton crying and getting someone’s push derailed. Because they said something bad about him. Because he needs to bury people as much as he can. Because he is so afraid if someone taking his spot since he isn’t good enough to keep it. And let’s not even talk about HHH or Batista. Cm punk can wrestle circles around them. Punk left because they are giving part timers the main event when they don’t deserve it. So stop with the iwc crap it’s old and hypocritical.

    • TheBigKing1

      You mean whiny crybabies like Punk. Use a better example next time bro. Carry on.

      • Tim

        HHH Batista. Those good enough

  • Jbreed

    We’re going through a time right now where a lot of the WWE fanbase is unhappy about the current in-ring product, high-jacking matches and whatever else, but the future is still bright. Welcome to a whole new era of pro wrestling.

    • Jimmy

      I don’t think its just now, it usually gets this way every year before Wrestlemania.

  • disqus_HZkhbeFufx

    Doesn’t sting not being used in the match everyone wants to see and has wanted for years not show once again how the fans are not being heard???

    • Bob’s Diner

      The time for that match has passed. Sting is well past his use-by date, as far as in the ring is concerned

      • Jimmy

        That’s the same we said about the Undertaker before last years Wrestlemania and then he came out and put on arguably one of the best matches of the year.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Hardly… no one should have been saying that about The Undertaker. He steals the show at WrestleMania every year. As I have said before, he is the REAL Mr. WrestleMania.

          While I haven’t watched TNA in a very long time, last I did Sting was no longer going at a top level. Even in matches with guys that can really go in the ring

          • Jimmy

            You never know, maybe in a high level Wrestlemania match with a big crowd, he might feel he needs to go that extra mile. However i do agree, the last time I saw a Sting match on TNA wasn’t the prettiest sight.

  • Venom

    I don’t necessarily think fans “hate” wrestlers like Batista, Orton, and Cena. I think die hard Cena critics respect what he does for the business. I think fans are just sick of creative/management that they focused on 4-5 people in the last decade which resulted in retired/part timers coming out of retirement to work for x amount of money to “save” the business.

    Cause the same people that wanted Rock, Batista and Lesner back are probably the same ones complaining. And they’ll probably do the same to Austin, Sting and so others. Why? Because while they want them back they want them to put over someone. Not come back and walk into the main event of a WM. I may be critical of Lesner as I feel he hurt the business’s by being pushed under 25 years old and after everyone put him over he walked out causing wwe to humble every newcomer that’s over. At least he came back and put people over but put people who didn’t really need it.

  • brad

    Why isn’t the wnw app available on windows 8 phones?

  • Winnipeg

    I would love to see a year long feud between Taker & Sting just like how it was with Cena Vs Rock. Like they sign Sting just in time for Wrestlemaina to start the feud for next Mania with a few casual run ins every few months.

  • mrkevo

    There is no way CM Punk is coming back for Wrestlemania unless he is promised a big match. I think they could easily insert him in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match making it a triple threat match. Im willing to bet the fans will crap all over Orton vs Batista. Either that or insert Bryan in that match and give Punk his promised match with Triple H. WWE has to listen to the fans on this one or else Wrestlemania will be a disaster.

    • opie

      There are other ways to keep it from being a disaster. A triple threat match between members of The Shield would go a long way.

    • Jimmy

      I think Triple H should just scratch himself from Wrestlemania and put Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk on the card and have Batista vs Orton. That way he satisfies the Internet fans and the mainstream fans, or even if Punk doesn’t come back they could have Bryan vs Ziggler.

      • Bob’s Diner

        There is no chance of HHH ever taking himself off the card for WrestleMania. The guy will be putting himself against the best wrestlers on the roster until WrestleMania 50

        • Jimmy

          Very true. And people call Cena the modern day Hulk Hogan lol

  • Bob’s Diner

    I think people underestimate just how much better off WWE will be financially if the network is a success; if they get 2 million subscribers as they are hoping, they will be making more money from that alone than they did from PPV in 2013.

  • Ron


  • tubajuan

    I’ve noticed that TNA has been post a lot of old videos of when CM Punk was in TNA. I find that very interesting as all this is unfolding between Punk and the WWE.