Why WWE Ended The Streak, Cena's Push, Divas That Can Headline, Kane's Return

Do you think The Streak ending was made more for Brock Lesnar or Paul Heyman? The Undertaker has always been a leader in the locker room and so many in the past have done the honors to Taker to maintain the streak. It seems now that Heyman's legitimacy as a manager is cemented due to him beating the streak.. In turn, it seems this would give a future rub to any superstar lucky enough to partner with Heyman and they would think that the superstar with Heyman is serious business.

I'm told it was important to The Undertaker to give someone the rub of ending the streak. He didn't want to retire unbeaten at Wrestlemania because so many people have "done the honors" for him. While I was initially upset over Brock Lesnar ending the streak, I feel that initial reaction was more shock that followed a lackluster match. Now that I know Undertaker suffered a serious injury early on and the creative plan was such so that Undertaker was able to "give back," I'm fine with it. By having Brock Lesnar end the streak aligned with Paul Heyman, several creative doors were opened. First, Lesnar is a huge threat and a major promotional point going forward. Also, Paul Heyman, who is around on a full time basis, provides a huge lift to anyone he pairs with because now all Paul Heyman Guys have to be taken seriously. Hindsight is 20/20 but it's always important not to rush to judgment.

Did anyone else catch John Cena making fun of himself on Raw during the segment with Bray Wyatt?

I certainly noticed it while watching the tape and Tweeted about it below:

Cena used Bray Wyatt's "push" line to create a humorous pun that made the segment fun. As I stated in my Tweet above, I love how John Cena takes things in stride. So many workers are unable to do that and get butthurt over anything they see as "below" them. John's break from the main event scene to work Bray Wyatt in an upper mid card program is refreshing for everyone involved.

I'm high up on Paige and feel WWE could have something special on their hands with the Divas division. I know it's early but do you think AJ Lee and Paige have enough talent to main event Raw like Lita and Trish Stratus several years ago?

WWE's Divas division is in good shape going forward. I am also high up on Paige and to answer your question I'll point to her bout against Emma at NXT ArRIVAL in February. Did you think that was strong enough to main event Raw because I thought it was strong enough to headline a pay-per-view. It's more than in-ring work in WWE and that's even more true when it comes to Divas, however, fans have every reason to be optimistic about the division with the talent going forward. And while Total Divas laid a viewership egg this week, the popularity of the reality series has also helped things.

What are your thoughts on the return of Kane?

The Monster will return next week against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and the majority of Kane fans will be elated. The versatility of Glen Jacobs to go from the corporate villain to the superhuman monster should be commended. There are so few that are able to transition on command, that's the reason for his longevity.

From the Ask WNW vault…

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  • JMuel

    Completely agree with you Richard on Cena. He really does no how to poke fun at himself, and he is one of the few wrestlers who actually can. The other day I was thinking it would be funny to see a Roast show on WWE Network of sorts, but then I realized that it would never work. Too many names in this business have a thin skin (Hogan is a big name that comes to mind).

    • Salacious B. Crumb

      Hahaha. That reminds me of the Comedy Central roasts, I think it was Hoff’s, Hogan was on stage as a guest and got totally destroyed, it was incredibly funny to watch.

  • thepowerserge

    You do realize that to call him SUBhuman means he’s less than human. I believe the word you’re looking for is SUPERhuman. Hell, I still laugh every time I remember Tazz saying that about Brock.

    • Fixed it. Subhuman sounds better but SUPERhuman is more accurate.

      • J Vomkrieg

        Inhuman monster would be more correct. “lacking human qualities of compassion and mercy; cruel and barbaric”

        also, subhuman has some really really bad associations with it. (subhuman has been used by white supremacists to refer to non whites)

        • Tim

          Kane isn’t a white human. He’s a red machine.

  • David F.

    AJ v Paige, Emma v Paige or triple threat would certainly be entertaining enough to main event RAW. Hopefully WWE gives them the chance to shine

  • Mysterion

    As tedious as the link is, I know Austin is interviewing Undertaker, he’s just tweeted me confirming he will be interviewing The Rock soon, also. I apologise for my mark out!

  • magruber

    I’ll say this about Cena. I was excited he was working with Bray Wyatt immediately when I heard it was going to happen, and it did not disappoint. I think Cena is at a point in his career where he can be a major draw without being the star of the show. he needs to stay out of the title picture almost indefinitely, and spend the time being used to push others. Off the top of my head, Rusev, Barrett, Swagger, Cesaro, Ryback, Axel, Kidd, Rhodes, all of these men could benefit from a program with Cena.

  • Masked Kane is what’s best for business

  • Mysterion

    Quick question Richard; why was your tweet needed there?

  • Steve pritchard

    I love that Cena takes all this in stride. But there comes a point where it’s just plain stupid and predictable. He’s gonna have to turn heel for damn sure now . If wwe expects to push Cena to kill Bryan’s momentum . Right now d Bryan is the main attraction.

    • Jay El Bee

      For a main attraction he sure has missed a lot of TV time the last 4 weeks.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    i don’t people care about Brock ending the streak, I think people are just going to think “the streak ended” and Brock Lesnars name will just happen to be there

  • Caucasian Guy

    Funny that Richard mentions being off the next two days, yet continues to post stories on the main page. Nice line of crap to feed people

  • Rambo Commander

    Can’t believe that even you are going back on your word now Richard, and succumbing to compromise with the pathetic decision of ending the streak and more so the lack of build-up and horrible match and way in which it ended.

    You know that if this was the decision, then the entire Wrestlemania should have been built around it, fans should have been made aware that it may be the last time they are seeing the Undertaker, and it should have been made special like Shawn Michaels’ retirement. In this case, people didn’t even know what hit them and whether it is Taker’s last match or not, there was hardly any send-off for him, Lesnar/ Heyman and WWE ruined it even more by talking about his injuries etc on Raw and the website rather than giving respect to his career, etc etc.

  • Cabe Chaffin

    thumbs up for richards use of the term “butthurt”