Does WWE Enjoy Sticking It To Their Fans?

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One of the most simple things we learn as we grow up is that it is okay to make mistakes just as long as we learn from them and do not replicate them. It would seem on the surface that this is something that WWE is all too often doing in continually making the same mistakes. This year's Royal Rumble would seem to be a perfect case in point as once again WWE refused to give their fans what they wanted and continued with the push of Roman Reigns. Much like last year where they decided to push Batista over Daniel Bryan once again WWE decided to tell the fans what they wanted rather than listen to them. The upshot of this was that once again a babyface Royal Rumble victory was met by a chorus of booing. However upon further reflection of the event I feel that more than just remaking simple mistakes I feel WWE motives were a little more arrogant and this was the event where Vince McMahon gave a real FU to the "WWE Universe." Anyone who listened to Vince on the Stone Cold podcast could see clearly that not only does he have a huge ego and talks crap but also that he has a great penchant for ignoring the obvious. The statement about Cesaro not connecting with fans was a perfect example as Cesaro had received the biggest pop at Wrestlemania 30, Daniel Bryan aside, yet Vince still went right ahead and said it.

So back to the Rumble and the PPV kicked off with three tag matches, the first of which was short and sour as The Ascension went over the Old Age Inlaws in a match that did nothing for either team aside from point out that a near 20 year old catchphrase is still over. Chants of "You've still got it" towards Billy Gunn made me chuckle as I can't remember when he had it, what I will say is he is as good as he ever was! The Ascension picked up the win in which they finally impressed JBL, yes the commentator thought a win over a team with a combined age of 96 was impressive.

Damien Mizdow was the only participant of the tag title match that was over with the fans and with that was never actually tagged into the match, of course not why would he be? After all it's only what the fans wanted. Same went for the next tag match as Paige was the only one who elicited any sort of reaction from the crowd and yes that includes the Bella mannequin dolls. Indeed unlike on SmackDown where the Bella's are always booed, on live shows they just enter to the sound of rats pissing on cotton, hmmmmm I'm sure it has nothing to do with the blue show being taped and some audio trickery, must be just different audiences I bet.

Have the Bella's improved? marginally I guess but when you was originally diabolically crap that doesn't mean you are now good. Still as long as one of them is knocking off John "Hustle, Loyalty and Bury" Cena they will ultimately be pushed. Unfortunately they absolutely buried Natalya and never tagged Paige into the match as the commentators just droned on about how amazing the Bella's are. Still I have said it before and it still stands true Nikki is the only wrestler ever to be promoted up the card after laying down for John Cena...............I'm sure there is a moral there.

It would be amiss of me to not mention how great the triple threat world title match was, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins and John Cena had a cracking match which aside from a few things, the Cena STF which he either needs to stop using or be shown how to apply properly and the fact that Rollins went under. That's not to say that Brock shouldn't have won but by pinning Rollins that leaves no end to the Lesnar/Cena feud or as is more likely Rollins was put into the match so that Cena wouldn't have to do the job. Still the action was top class with a plethora of big moves and near falls which the fans rightly ate up.

That brought us to the Rumble itself and the chance for Vince to ram home the message that this was his house and he will do as he pleases. Putting Daniel Bryan in the match was always going to be a dangerous move as it raised fans hopes but to eliminate him after just 10 minutes in was downright ridiculous and a slap in the face of fans. The same went for Dolph Ziggler who was given less than three minutes in the match, in fact Bryan and Ziggler's Rumble time combined was equal/less to Stardust, Jack Swagger and Big E, if ever one wanted proof what WWE really thinks of its fans opinions there it was.

Two of the most popular acts in the whole company given less time combined than glorified jobbers or frivolous characters. On a night where WWE had a real chance to give fans what they wanted and potentially push network subscribers up Vince instead let his ego run wild and deliberately NOT gave fans what they clearly wanted. Fans cheer Mizdow so he doesn't get tagged in, fans cheer Paige so she doesn't get tagged in what was essentially a squash match. Cena was protected once again while Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler were treated like they had just come over from TNA.

All this while golden boy and Rumble winner Roman Reigns was booed out of the building, hell not even an endorsement from The Rock could persuade fans to cheer for him. Even towards the end of the Rumble fans were rooting for Rusev instead of Reigns, yes fans would have been more happier seeing an act that continually puts down America than see Roman Reigns win. Now what was it Vince said on that podcast about listening to fans?

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  • Jonnydingo

    Hell yeah, this article hit the nail right on the head. Ignorance must be bliss to Vince.

  • Chad

    Ha, “Old Age Outlaws” I get it, because their actually name is the New Age Outlaws…….but they are older now then they were years ago……..hence they are old…..Old Age…..good one

    • Mark M

      Actually wrote “Old Age Inlaws” but the point was the match accomplished nothing.

      • Jason

        I don’t think the match accomplished nothing. The goal was to put The Ascension in a spot where fans could buy them getting over on a team. In order to do this, they (WWE) needed to put them up against a team that is a fan favorite. Enter NAO at this point. They are fan favorites, less when they teamed with Triple H and worked for him, and I think it may have accomplished the idea of generating legitimate heat against them and making fans more interested in them. The main problem here is that the WWE doesn’t really have a true tag team division as it did in the past. Looking back in the past, there were times where we would have 4 or more staple tag teams at any one given time. What do we have now? We have teams that the WWE just throws together at any given time. Look at Sandow and Miz for an example. The only true tag teams we have are The Ascension, The Usos & Goldust & Stardust. If you want, you can throw in The New Day and Los Matadores, however, they aren’t really big with fans, and The New Day is another attempt from WWE to throw wrestlers together as a team and hope it sticks, and the same can really be said about Los Matadores (Primo & Epico). In order to try and regenerate interest in the Tag Team Division, WWE enters The Ascension. The issue is, with the Tag Team Division basically being dead, it’s not generating the fan response it once did. And no, I don’t consider Sandow and Miz to be a true tag team because they are like oil and water. They are split between the fans and have been. Also, they wrestle like individual wrestlers, not teams. If the WWE hopes to revive the thrive for tag teams, they need to get a few more staples out there, that are legitimate teams, not people thrown together, hoping they stick, and make the Division relevant again.

    • LOL!

  • Dude…proofread. Please…

    • jrbq

      Yeah, this was borderline unreadable. Good thing this isn’t part of a subscription website. Oh, wait a minute!!!

      “Have the Bella’s improved? marginally I guess but when you was originally diabolically crap that doesn’t mean you are now good.”

      “It would be amiss of me…” is not a commonly used expression. I believe you were shooting for “I would be amiss…”

      Hope you’re proud of your website, Richard. This is what you’re charging people for. Guess you’re the WWE Network of wrestling news sites and this article, it is your Royal Rumble.

      • Mark posted an article a few hours prior to this with a different title that was an even bigger train wreck than this is. One hopes a proofread would have taken care of this. It makes the site look awful when you have a posted article with this many mistakes.

      • BTW, the expression of “I would be remiss”.

    • Anchorman

      LOL complaining about punctuation. How about commenting on the thoughts presented in this article instead? Its readable so relax. Random exclamation mark!

      • Didn’t just complain about punctuation. I complained justifiably about syntax, sentence structure, and word usage. It make the WNW look bad when an article is posted on it that’s this big a disaster. I’m clearly not alone in my concerns. I disagree that this is readable. It could have been with some proofing. Just a simple proofread by someone other than Mark likely would have fixed this.

  • Mysterion

    How can you say you don’t ever remember Billy Gunn having it? Billy was a very sound wrestler in the ring. He had the look and his skills weren’t to be snarled at. His lack of ability on the stick didn’t help him but he was still a very talented guy.

    • Mark M

      Just a difference of opinion, I was never blown away by the guy.

      • Mysterion

        Don’t get me wrong. He wasn’t stellar but he was certainly good.

        • James

          When did he look good? When he was with Chuck? Or perhaps with the Beautiful people? He never was good as a singles star, even Torrie Wilson couldn’t help him. The guy never looked good in my opinion either.

      • Vomkrieg

        Ditto, and i’ve never understood the Pavlovian responses the outlaws get from the crowd by doing the exact same thing for 20 years.

        I didn’t object to seeing them do a cameo last year. I thought given them the titles was awful, and this match against ascension was terrible. Poor Konor, how many years in development hell and they seem to be wanting to bury ascension right out of the gate.

  • Sandeep Agarwal

    I avoided social media all day so that I could enjoy Royal Rumble without any spoilers (PPVs are telecasted at 6 PM in my country – approximately 10 hours after US airing). However, leaving the world title match aside, I was highly disappointed. I understand and supports WWE’s decision to eliminate DB early. Keeping him in the match for long would have only increased people’s expectations and the disappointment would have been bigger.

    What bugged me was how the match was booked after DB’s elimination. From that point onwards, it was just dull. WWE knew that they will be upsetting fans after this elimination happens but they did not think of doing something else to take people’s minds off it. From that point onwards, for some time, it was difficult for the fans to find someone to cheer for. Till Big Show came out, there were no high spots (won’t call the one with Kofi as a high spot), there were no big surprise entrants, there was no other face or an underdog to cheer for (Mizdow and Ryder didn’t last long), there was no such entrant who just comes in and destroys everyone in the ring with his signature move, there was no such entrant who gets cornered by everyone else as soon as he enters. There was nothing which could get people’s interest back in the match. And after Big Show came in it was same old team Authority vs. others which we have already seen a lot of times.

    Seriously, what was there for the fans to cheer about? And how can they connect with Reigns when he came in during the dull phase and did not even spend enough time or had good spots? Not a single spear? I think they should have sent Bubba Ray Dudley later instead of sending him early. That would have completely taken off the heat and diverted people’s attention. Also, sending the Rock later to help Reigns get some pop was the dumbest thing they could do. WWE creative just shot themselves in the same foot again.

    • Patrick

      Getting rid of Daniel Bryan so early did NOT do WWE any favors……if you noticed Fans were pissed off and every wrestler who came out afterwords was Booed which is not fair to them no matter if they were face or heel…………the fans keept booing the rest of the night……just like they did last year……… If Bryan and been one of the final four I don’t think it would have been so bad when he would finally be eliminated.

      • James

        I actually think Bray Wyatt looked strong until he was horribly eliminated. But we all know Wyatt was not going to win it since he will face Taker, but him getting on the mic during the rumble match and said it was his year and what not, that was great for him. Bryan should not have returned to WWE for at least another week. They pissed on every fan last night. WWE knew Reigns would get booed, so they tried to use the Rock to help, and it backfired on them.

  • Splat

    I stopped reading after the Billy Gunn hate.

  • Stoney

    It seems the only way a wrestler gets pushed is if their real tight with Vince or HHH:
    Sheamus friends with triple h
    randy Orton, friends with triple h
    Cena, besties with Vince

    • Mysterion

      Duh. It’s been that way for years my friend.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Great article. Sums things up quite well

    • jrbq

      It sure is great.. I mean, if you hate grammar and the English language.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Who stole your porridge this morning?

        • jrbq

          I’m sorry. You’re right. It is definitely too much to ask for a paid subscription
          site to have writers who know how to write. I apologize for being so
          demanding. From this point on, I will accept that my money goes towards such brilliant news as, “Have the Bella’s improved? marginally I guess but when you was
          originally diabolically crap that doesn’t mean you are now good.”

          I’ll ignore why the word “Bella’s” is unnecessarily apostrophized every time the writer uses it. And I’ll never question why the writer things “you was” is ever proper English in the first place.

          Sincerest of apologies.

  • TheBigKing1

    But yet, last year fans were cheering for Reigns to win it…even though he wasn’t ready at that time. SMDH!
    Yo Richard…who are these idiot reporters that you got writing stupid columns on here??? This dude insulting the NAO and going way to much on The Bellas. Look, we get it…you hate the Bella twins. They didn’t give you the time of day when you tried to get with them years ago, cause you’re an ugly dumbass clown. Lol. So now you never got over it and gotta sh*t on them every chance they get. Ok, I get it. But let it go bro.

  • Ayat

    Dear Mark Moore , Where have you been all this time man ! 😛
    Exactly whatever , I wanted to say , you have said it fair , square and clear to all , thanks for this and please do more of the same , Regards ! 🙂 😀

  • Bryan Baldwin

    So Cena wouldn’t have to lay down? Haha. Because he didn’t take 16 Germans and a couple f-5’s with nearly no offense at Summerslam. How are you even a reporter on this site?

  • Gomez

    Vince is full of it….they(WWE) absolutely have taken the stance of “we know better than you”. The only way for REAL change to occur is to stop watching…Otherwise it will just continue to be more of the same….

  • Jay El Bee

    No the WWE doesn’t enjoy sticking it to their fans, but they do love sticking it to the IWC and for good reason.