WWE Exec Leaves, Why The IC Cup Was Canceled, Cena's Elimination Chamber Bout

- Andrew Judelson, hired in January 2012 by WWE as Executive Vice President of Sales & Partnership Marketing, has left the company to take a job in sales for IMG College. Judelson is a former employee of Sports Illustrated and the National Hockey League.

- The emergence of Bo Dallas was one of the reasons the Intercontinental Cup was called off after officially being advertised. There are still plans to do it in the future although calling it off was the right move after booking Dallas over Wade Barrett clean.

- John Cena, Ryback & Sheamus vs. The Shield will just be a 6-man tag team match and not an Elimination Chamber match.

  • Chili

    Why not make it an EC match richard?

    • Razmos

      I dont think richard has the booking power to do this

    • a EC match would leave WWE with no way out and thus they would have to bury the shield because Cena can not suffer a loss at the PPV before Wrestlemania after winning the Rumble match. However this way opens things up for another member of Shield to be introduced and interfere in the match causing a DQ thus saving the angle from being buried. It might make Shield look a little weak but that’s better then burying them the way Nexus got buried in 2010 by Cena at Summerslam.

  • 1molly23

    Oooooh, poor Wade, doesn’t like losing to someone from NXT? Ya know what “they” say about payback Mr. Barrett. It’s great to see new blood – now, creative just needs to do their jobs.

  • Gio

    Richard? What are WWE’s plans with Bo Dallas, is he in an angle with wade barett or was him being in the rumble just to hype him up?