WWE Extending Monday Night TV Tapings Beginning This Summer

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WWE will be extending their Monday night tapings effective July 2, 2012. The company will begin tapings an hour and half before the show is set to go live on the USA Network at 9 PM/8 CT. Currently, the tapings begin a half hour to 45 minutes prior to going live.

Obviously this is an indication that more material will be taped although specifics are currently unknown.

  • Fernando

    Maybe they'll use that time to test cruiserweight talents for they presumed new show.

  • Kleck

    Quality over quantity I hope

  • Jamie

    What new shOw

  • Jay

    Wait… If the show starts taping half an hour before the show airs, its not really live then is it? How are they able to say the twitter trends then?

    • kbunyon

      They tape Superstars before they start with RAW. This gives them time to warm up the crowd for the live show. RAW is 'live' which actually means a very short tape delay – anything from seconds to a couple minutes – just to make sure nothing that shouldn't be on the show makes it through, such as cussing. Obviously RAW doesn't have a very long delay as the Shane Douglas stunt made it through to TV two weeks before Mania.

      So maybe they will be taping more before RAW come this summer?


      • JimmyDFCC

        According to the FCC, All Live shows on TV and Radio Must have a 12 Second Delay or "Dump" Period in case they do have swearing or anything. inappropriate to their "FCC" TV Rating..

  • Victor T

    Bring back the hardcore title we need more violence ECW!! ECW ECW
    Brinv back

  • Philip Thompson

    I liked the hardcore title and I believe that the goofy 24/7 element could work whilst being PG friendly.