WWE Extras, Ryback & HHH As Bullies, Thoughts On Barrett, Orton The Face Of WWE

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Through the years we see backstage "security guards" getting involved. We know these are wrestlers in training, etc. Can you tell us more about how it all works?

WWE routinely uses "call-in talent" as extras on their television programming. Extras are used in different roles but one of the most common positions is as a security guard. This is done for a couple of reasons. One, it gives WWE an opportunity to use a trained wrestler in a role where the majority of the audience will not recognize them. Two, it gives the company a chance to look at prospective talent. WWE has their talent relations department secure the call-in talent for their shows.

How can WWE promote Ryback and Triple H as bullies alongside their Be-A-Star anti-bullying campaign?

There has been a lot of discussion about the characters of Ryback and Triple H playing the roles of antagonists that bully in light of WWE's commitment to eliminate bullying. I will admit there is plenty of hypocrisy in the anti-bullying efforts; however, I am not bothered or "offended" by the characters of Ryback and Hunter. In order to have a protagonist you have to have an antagonist. There has to be a villain for every hero. Villains have to do villainous things to make people buy into their characters. It's essential that wrestling fans understand the difference between what is make believe and what is real-life. Now on the same notion, there are roads that shouldn't be traveled. For me, it's a case-by-case basis. One program I found particularly disgusting was the Piggy James stuff from several years back. Yes, this was "part of the show" but I hated the message it sent.

What is your opinion of Wade Barrett? I feel he is capable of being a top heel. His work leading The Nexus was top notch and I'd like to see the corporation utilize him as their punisher.

I'm high up on Wade Barrett and three years ago I felt it was inevitable that he would be a top guy. He's had some injury concerns and the knock on him was he needed to improve his in-ring work. Barrett still has a lot of potential but is now awaiting the right opportunity. The case of Wade Barrett shows just how rare opportunities are at the top. Three years ago he was a highlight of WWE programming, now he's a background character. If the opportunity comes again, he must be ready to capitalize.

Why do you think WWE trusts Randy Orton with the WWE Championship when he has two Wellness strikes against him? Are they not worried he could get strike number three anytime and screw up the whole storyline?

WWE humbled Randy Orton for an entire year due to his Wellness problems, however, he's regained the trust of Vince McMahon and Triple H. It took him a year to regain the favor of the company brass and right now, he's WWE's top guy. I can't explain why because the only people that could answer that would be Vince and Hunter. We all know what Orton makes a month so given how big of an investment, it's not exactly surprising he's the guy with Cena out. Would WWE derail the entire storyline if Orton turned up a positive Wellness test, I can't answer that because I don't know.

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  • iwc

    no way in hell should orton be the top guy! ziggler should have the belt and have a long title reign. vince should release orton and let him go to tna, hes to robotic to be on wwe tv, hes stale, boring and predictable cant show off nearly as good as ziggler. its john cenas fault that barrett isnt a 5 time champ by now. cena buried barrett at tables ladders and chairs in 2010 and has been holding him down ever since, screw you cena you suck

    • Guy Landau

      God I hope those likes you got were from people who understood the irony of your writing and not people agreeing with what is written.

      • Xavier

        Sadly I think most people on this site actually agree with everything he’s written. Not sure if he’s being sarcastic or not but if he’s not then all I can say is THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE.

        • Guy Landau

          Definitely sarcastic, see his other comments. Them, along with his name make me believe that this is definitely a mockery of IWC behaviour.

      • Justin

        So, you actually think Orton isn’t boring?? If so, you’re nuts.

        • Guy Landau

          Or, you know, of different opinion than you, which as we all know (I hope) is legitimate. Orton had some very good matches in the past couple of years, of which I was noticeable and suspiciously NOT bored. Hmmm… He’s not my all-time favorite by any means, but he can work.

          Besides, summarizing what was said by iwc as “Orton is boring” is just a tad oversimplifying.

          • Justin

            that’s the only part I cared to comment about. I find Orton to be really boring.

          • Guy Landau

            … which of course makes anyone who disagrees with you “nuts”.

            And what I meant by referring to the other things mentioned in the comment is – there was a lot of ridiculousness said there that would warrant people not to like it if they thought it was serious, regardless if they agree that Orton is boring.

          • Justin

            Orton bores me.

  • Spuddyz

    I’ve enjoyed Orton as the “Corporate champion”. Fresh role for him.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    I’m just so pissed about Orton’s position being that he has two strikes against him and yet he’s given “the keys to the car” again while in 2008 William Regal went through the same crap and his mega push was halted prematurely and he never was at the top again despite never again being tested positive for the wellness test. Regal should have been a world champion! I think the spot if being the first English man to ever be world champion should be his and not Barrett’s.

    • iwc

      i agree, orton hasnt earned anything. orton should of put regal over in 2008, regal is wayyy more over then orton ever was. id put the belt on regal just because he is brittish. ei blame everything bad in the wwe on orton, regal also should of been the one in evolution and not orton. he would of been so much more believable then orton as the legend killer

    • Xavier

      William Regal has two strikes against him as well for testing positive on the wellness test. And let’s be honest here, nobody would ever buy Regal has champion.


      • Chris

        At that point, he honestly could have been the champ. Regal was being pushed as a ruthless villain, and his ring work has always been outstanding. Check out my article (shameless plug) about Regal, it was good enough to garner a couple direct messages from the man himself praising the work.


        • Xavier

          I can agree to that. If there ever was a time to put the belt on regal then 08 would of been that year, he had an outstanding year as the heel GM of Raw. But you also gotta keep in mind that Jericho was super over as a heel that year as well, he’s stuff with HBK that year was probably the feud of the year, I’d even go as far as too say that Jericho was the MVP of Raw that year. Then you had Orton who was the middle of a really really good heel run. As good as Regal was that year I’d still say that Jericho & Orton were doing the whole heel thing better that year and much more deserving of title runs that year

      • Andrew ace

        Ok what about jeff hardy

    • Jason

      Jeff Hardy. Nough said. 2 strikes and was given opportunities as a top champion multi-times

  • James

    I would love to see Barrett as World Heavyweight Champion. He’s very underrated and deserves a lot more than what he’s getting.

    • Avalanchian

      He’s beyond boring. That is why he doesn’t get elevated to higher ranks.

      • James

        You must be a Santino fan?

      • Stephen Cash

        Barrett has had opportunity after opportunity thrown at him, and he blew them all. He’s not very good in the ring, bad on the mic, and very very boring.

        • James

          Bad on the mic???!!!!!!! Watch his Nexus promos and several other promos. He’s way more entertaining than Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Mark Henry, Ryback, Big Show, Curtis Axel and several others

  • scoman

    In all honesty orton should not be top guy. Punk, bryan, ziggler are much better workers, better on the mic and genuinly better people, orton should be atleast in a cue behind these guys. McMahon has gone for “the look” again its a joke

    • Guy Landau

      He’s gone for the look in order to piss people off that he’s gone for the look. That is part of the storyline every week (“Orton is soooooo pretty”). He isn’t really going for the look, he’s kayfabe going for it. If he was Bryan would never have beaten Cena and Punk would never have been champion for 434 days. Those days are over, Orton is champion because he fits the heel corporation’s outdated view of what a champion is supposed to be, and it’s fueling IWC hate because we know how true it rings of past McMahon behaviour.

      • Xavier

        McMahon’s past behavior also includes giving guys like Randy Savage, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy & Mick Foley title reigns as well. The whole “McMahon use to only push big guys” argument is a myth at this point. He’s pushed just as many smaller guys to the top of the card as he has big guys.

  • Richard

    The case of Barrett is a frustrating one. Whatever main event aura he had was erased by cena

  • Tim

    So how did he prove himself again by not taking more drugs

  • Lebron James

    Barret was the perfect heel. WWE really FFFFFF********ed that one up. I hope he gets a chance again with this Corporation angle.

  • JJ

    Barrett just bores me…he was good with nexus, but sadly, I think that’s what he needs is a group. Put Mcintyre (sp) with him and form a European tag team. As for the bullying, kids imitate things, if you truly are anti bullying you can’t do it onyour show. There are ways to get over as heels, like by firing, without being ruthless bullies. I remember when heat was generated for simply putting a wrestler in a gauntlet match or handicap where they get slaughtered, or gimmick matches like one hand tied behind the back.

    • Bigrushy

      If kids imitate, then wwe shouldn’t be watched by any child. This isn’t amateur wrestling. It all about guys settling issues in the ring by beating each other up. Now, I was was about ten at the height of the attitude era and I have never ‘imitated’ the violence shown.

      • Herman Tank

        I did. I repeated several portions of the violence shown. So did my friends. And likely so did many other current/past/future wrestlers. Remember Mick Foley? Off the roof of his garage? Yeah, that’s how they figured they liked wrestling and could actually perform some of the moves. We were at least smart enough to not really try to hit or hurt ourselves, just like wrestling. It boils down to how stupid or handicapped your children are when they decide to play wrestle.

  • pt

    Honestly half the people on this site should go sit on stick get it through your heads orton draws stop complaining you don’t lime it go watch crappy ROH

  • gpturbo81

    why derail orton when they could just cover it up and act like nothing happened…

  • Justin

    Randy Orton bores me.

  • Justin

    I find Orton to be boring.