WWE Eyeing Mike Bennett; 2013 WWE Studios Release Schedule

- WWE is interested in Ring of Honor's Mike Bennett. We haven't heard if a deal has been offered but the company has apparently already tried him out. Bennett is also known for dating former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis.

- WWE Studios has unveiled their 2013 movie release schedule. It is as follows:

  • "No One Lives" out in January 2013 with Brodus Clay in a supporting role
  • "Dead Man Down" with Wade Barrett in a supporting role.
  • "Marine 3: Homefront" starring The Miz
  • "12 Rounds 2: Reloaded" starring Randy Orton
  • "The Hive" starring Halle Berry with David Otunga in a supporting role.
  • "Leprechaun: Origins" starring Hornswoggle

The Scooby-Doo film isn't due out until 2014. Some of the above films will have theatrical releases.

  • That old guy behind Maria has a hard-on.

    • Metal666

      That is why she looks so damn scared !

  • VLG

    Bennett and Maria aren't dating anymore. They're engaged now. This has been announced since this article was posted.

  • Mike L

    Just when you think its safe to go back to Netflicks… WWE Studios returns.

  • Stephen

    They are officially engaged as of last night I believe.

  • _JIM_

    I had a feeling that WWE would be calling on Mike Bennett pretty soon. He's bigger than a lot of the ROH guys, so with that, his look, and his skills I think WWE would be very interested in signing him. Having a former Diva who was as over and talented as Maria was during her WWE run as a fiance doesn't hurt his chances either. They would be great in WWE together just how they are now in ROH. Poor Brutal Bob is about to get left behind in ROH I think…

  • Ken

    If it gets Maria back in the WWE then I'm all for signing him.

  • Philip Thompson

    I think that them coming to WWE as a pair is a strong possibility.

  • Consuela_Lucha

    Mike bennet mucho bueno

  • ron

    The Miz dressed as hulk holgan

    mizamiana gone awsome brother weres his yellow underwere
    red no sleve tshirt

    mizster (the miz) vs wade barrtte