WWE & FCW Roster Updates

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-Kane's roster profile has been updated with his new look on the official WWE website after returning to Raw this week. Despite appearing on Raw, he is still on the Smackdown roster as of writing. Click here to view his profile.

-Wrestling News World reader Fernando sent word that the official Florida Championship Wrestling website features a new talent who goes by the name of Dante Dash. Dash was formerly known as Flex Freeman and trained at IWF in New Jersey. He also played a security guard role on Raw's All-star night last July. Click here to view his profile.

  • XKonn247

    The face he’s pulling when he’s flexing us incredible!

  • havoc525

    So, they name him Dante Dash, but constantly refer to him.as Freeman in his bio. Awesome proofreader.

  • Eggtrocious

    Dante/Freeman has a good look and he's young. Hopefully, he'll do well and won't be stuck in FCW the way Big E. seems to be…