WWE Fuels Jeff Hardy Speculation

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WWE has added TNA Champion Jeff Hardy to their Alumni section here on dot com. This will create some speculation with Hardy's contract with TNA Wrestling expiring and WWE being interested.

We reported in January here on Richard's Backstage Blog that WWE had sent out feelers to gauge Hardy's interest in returning. Hardy was believed to be close to re-signing with TNA although that was when TNA's litigation against WWE was still ongoing.

WWE also added some Jeff Hardy videos to their YouTube channel, including Hardy winning the World Heavyweight Championship fromĀ CM Punk:

  • Jeff Ono

    Everyone would love to see Jeff Hardy as a reliable performer. But if he hasn’t learned from his mistakes (and none of us really know yet), then I would rather not see him on WWE programming. I’m less concerned with PEDs in WWE and more concerned with the addiction to pain killers, cocaine and other addictive drugs. It’s better for everyone if the superstars can stay relatively clean. I can’t imagine that the last Punk-Hardy storyline (drug-free) helped Jeff’s personal lifestyle, similar to the angle with Jake Roberts and alcohol (or Hawk and alcohol) many years ago. That seems to be a very slippery slope.

  • well i can safely say I dont think ANYBODY saw this coming, especially not after what issues hardy had . But if he is brought back, i truly hope he is giving a chance after the obvious ton of work for likely over a year he will be forced to do before any push is given.

  • Kenneth

    Please don’t bring Jeff back.
    Please don’t bring Jeff back.
    Please don’t bring Jeff back.
    Please don’t bring Jeff back.
    Please don’t bring Jeff back.

    • Kleck

      Why exactly?

      • Kenneth

        Beyond my being sick of the sight of him in TNA, he’s unreliable, and he’s dangerous, and he’s proved that time and time again. He’s been given chance after chance at the big time in the WWE and he’s choked each and every time.
        And by that I mean both that he can’t handle the pressure and also choked on whatever pills he was swallowing as a result. Double meaning, you see.
        He needs the WWE a lot more than the WWE needs him, and he doesn’t need
        the WWE lifestyle or the stress it will bring him. He can’t handle it.
        What will happen if the WWE brings Jeff back is he’ll come in with a huge fanfare and a lot of support, taking the spotlight away from the younger talent the WWE needs to be developing, and when he wins whichever title Cena doesn’t hold at the time he’ll end up with a sudden wellness violation and get shitcanned, since he’ll likely be going in with two strikes already, making the whole endeavour a waste of time for the WWE and for us as fans.
        That’s pretty much why.

        • Dude

          Please shut the hell up you stupid hater, yeah hes screwed up twice, but now he has a god damn daughter, he wants her to look up to him, hes trying to steer away from that life, but idiots like you keep pushing him back and holding him down to his mistakes, its like an anchor on a boat that wants to move on, if you dont want to give him a chance doesnt mean other people dont, if he returns to wwe id be happy to have him back because right now wwe is sucking major balls, they got a freaken actor who goes off to do a movie every week as a world champion, they have john cena: mr. fruity pebbles takign on shield by himself, atleast tna is realistic, so please just stop reading articles about jeff hardy if you dont like him, do us all a favor and shut up.

          • Kenneth

            I didn’t know he had a daughter. That doesn’t change who he is though, and he’s proven who he is time after time.
            Earlier in his life I thought like you. “Give him a chance, he can change”, but he can’t. He had his chance, he blew it, and he blew the next one, and the next one. How many chances should he be given? It’s far more than twice he’s screwed up.
            If people are using his past as an anchor to drag him down it’s only because he forged that anchor with his own irresponsible drug addict fuckup lifestyle. The past doesn’t miraculously disappear jsut because you want it to. You don’t get to move on just because you want to. Life isn’t that easy.
            That said I agree with your comments that the WWE sucks right now, and that TNA is more realistic in-context. Jeff in the WWE wouldn’t help the WWE though, nor would it help Jeff. If he is trying to change, which I doubt will happen, but if he is, the WWE life would be too much of a temptation.

  • The Breaker

    Jeff coming back to WWE would hurt TNA a lot more than it would help WWE.

  • Pluto

    I’d love too see Jeff Hardy back in a upper midcard face role. I probably wouldn’t put the WHC or WWE Championship on him but the upper midcard doesn’t really have a whole lot faces so he would be perfect too feud with guys like Ziggler, Cesaro, Sandow, Rhodes etc. I’d probably have him feus with Punk fresh out the gate though. That was a great feud, and Punk’s mic work was top notch during that feud. It would be great too see Punk revert back too the Punk we got in 09-10 when he was in the SES.

  • Please don’t sign this spot monkey.

  • Nostaljack

    WWE doesn’t *need* Jeff Hardy. He’s already got two strikes against him. He’d be terminated before he earned the money they’d give him. Why even bother?

  • Jimmy

    Please get Jeff back he’s my favorite wrestler. Hardy vs Punk at WM29 would make my life complete.

  • Jeff Hardy is clearly the plan B for Wrestlemania if they can’t get CM Punk vs Undertaker signed then they’ll go with CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy. If Undertaker does sign up for Wrestlemania then they can easily delay any programme between Punk and Hardy.

  • I would love to have seen him make another run.