WWE General Manager Update

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Mick Foley will serve as the "interim General Manager" on this week's Smackdown as he did on this week's Raw Supershow in place of the "fired" John Laurinaitis. According to Foley's promo on Monday's Raw Supershow, past General Managers will be brought in until the board of directors "picks a suitable replacement" for Laurinaitis.

WWE will tape this week's Smackdown tomorrow night from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Luke

    Dear god that means Mike Adamle >.<

    • thefen


      • Andy

        Mike Adamle: As one of the greatest general managers ever, i brought back………JEFF HARVEY

  • Noah


  • JakShowtime

    I agree with this call, Foley is GOoD

  • David

    Oh I can't wait for when Mike Adamle is the interm gm.

  • Too bad we're not gonna see Eric Bishoff.

  • Brandon

    With that being said, is Eric Bischoff gonna return as an interim GM? If that's true then it's very interesting..

  • Jake

    Yes! Going tomorrow can’t wait

  • dusty588

    William Regal – Always entertaining
    Mike Adamle – Ummmm……..
    Shane McMahon – Be nice to see him
    Stephanie McMahon – Good chance we'll see her
    Vickie Guererro – Don't think she'll appear as a guest GM
    Bret Hart – Good Chance we'll see him
    Jonathan Coachman – Be a good one off return

    Possibly depending on contract stuff, have Flair appear at 1000th RAW as new RAW GM.

    • Stephan

      Totally agree with this. And I absolutely agree that it's likely going to culminate with Flair being made permanent GM (which is a decision I am absolutely okay with, truthfully).

      Also, another name you forgot that seems really obvious in the context of current storylines: Paul Heyman. A storyline that would make sense is that he will squirm his way into the job by suggesting he might drop the lawsuit if he is able to. I imagine him and Stephanie's week will be back to back so that'll be interesting.

  • jovan

    shawn michaels perhaps?he was the commissioner at one point =)

  • AntGilroy

    The computer!!!!!!!

    “May I have your attention please”

  • Bill


  • Aldo T

    Hopefully, Ziggler drops Vickie as his manager and they bring her back as the GM.

    Don't get me wrong.. It's good and all to have a babyface GM..

    But I always preferred having a heel GM since they always like to mix things up for the good guys 😀

  • Sujay

    U guys forgot about stone cold Steve Austin??

  • Tjones

    Its gonna be a deal where they cant find a suitable replacement & rehire Johnny…….please dont let this be the story they gonna play out

  • XKonn247

    No one gonna mention Stone Cold?

  • Blake

    I want anonymous or teddy long

  • LeeMc

    The anonymous gm?

    • Blake


  • Kate

    Stone Cold, Steph, Paul Haymen, Anonymous GM, Shawn Michaels? All good possibilities

  • Moe

    Stone Cold, Steph, Shane, Paul Heyman, Shawn Michaels, William Regal, an anonymous GM or even Ric Flair? Out of those, I find it would be nice to see Regal, Heyman and possibly Michaels more.

  • joe

    Jim Ross as GM

  • brad maddox as GM
    of Raw

  • ron

    brad maddox as gm on wwe raw