WWE Going After TNA Talent, AJ Styles' Future, Ziggler In The Doghouse, Logic Gap On Raw

With TNA's lawsuit over and now that it's been a while, is WWE looking to sign Alex Shelley or even Devon now?

WWE has had interest for several months in Alex Shelley but no deal has been offered as of this writing. From what I've been told, Shelley is in great shape and continues to work in Japan. He was back in the United States a couple of weeks ago. I have not heard of interest in Devon but was told there have been informal talks with Matt Morgan.

What's the latest with AJ Styles and his contract status with TNA Wrestling?

AJ Styles' contract with TNA Wrestling is up next month and he's currently negotiating a new deal. Perhaps in a move to improve his leverage, an interesting question was posed on his Facebook page. The question was as follows:

Where do fans want AJ Styles to be? TNA? WWE? ROH? Japan? Lots of options. Tough decisions.

Since then, speculation has been rampant regarding his future. TNA is looking to cut costs and are probably hoping to secure the services of AJ Styles at a lower rate.

What exactly happened that got Dolph Ziggler in the WWE doghouse?

To catch everyone up, we reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium that Dolph Ziggler landed himself in the WWE doghouse. We do not have full details as to what happened but were made of a rumor going around throughout the WWE locker room. The rumor is that something happened between Randy Orton and Ziggler. Since it's only a rumor I don't want to speculate but there is heat on Ziggler.

Why was Big Show afraid of getting fired on the closing segment of Raw if he has an iron clad contract? I think it's just another case of WWE thinking their viewers have short term memory.

The huge illogical gap on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw was WWE neglecting Big Show's "ironclad contract." It's been mentioned multiple times, including here in Raw is Blogged. WWE relies on their audience to have short-term memories to progress storylines but this was bad because they recently played up Show's contract to explain his absence  this summer.

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  • Kris Mystery

    Is it possible that since the news of Big Show signing a new contract broke a few weeks ago that they could simply use this new signing as a way to get out of the iron clad contract? They could simply say that the iron clad provision was removed.

    • Good point. Possibly but I would have liked to have seen them address it in storylines rather than portray it like they did on Raw.

      • dean

        if dolph ziggler has heat, don’t you think that it will blow over in the near future ? ziggler is a great young talent for wwe and it is a fact that they don’t want to see him wind up in tna wrestling in the future.

  • sheamusfan

    Richard why is it that Orton is always involved in arguments backstage? He has already halted kofis push. And I heard he had a problem with shield at some live event. Does he have a lot of influence backstage to the level of cena or punk?

    • Yes, Orton is very influential.

    • Splat

      If a kid throws a fit and the parents give him his way he is going to keep doing it over and over.

      • Danny_Boy

        Kind of like Punk, he always throws fits as well and McMahon usually gives him his way. Punk has already threatened to quit twice because he didn’t get his way. Go figure

        • Kaifoxx

          He threw a fit because a reality star got a HUGE push! Tell me would you kick off if a seasonal colleague in your place of work got offered a higher wage than you? I certainly would!

          • Danny_Boy

            Or perhaps Punk threw a fit because he is a jealous little b****! Miz has been with the WWE just as long as crybaby Punk has.

        • Tim

          Punk doesn’t need wwe. He is comfortable in a gym wrestling. He just wants to change wrestling from people like Orton. Who would of fit in great with wcw. Because he is a crybaby. Who can’t stand anyone who outshines him so he buries them. Also he would never make it out side of wwe daycare.

    • BigMike

      Orton is a crybaby DIVA that cost Kofi and many others a push and even a job in WWE (( ANderson but Cena had something to do with that as well))

  • _JIM_

    Big Show didn’t necessarily have to be afraid of being “fired” in that segment to close Raw, but could’ve not wanted to have to be made to fight The Shield as punishment again for saying something against how Triple H is treating Bryan. It didn’t have to have anything to do with his ironclad contract. If you think about it like that then it doesn’t have to not make any sense like it does if he were afraid of being fired.

  • Rus

    I think that this week on raw and the ironclad contract are 2 totally different circumstances as it was an actual instruction from HHH and as HHH came out getting in BigShows face is just more to say that HHH was trying to intimidate him more than anyone else. I cant wait for CM Punk to get involved in this fued

    • Danny_Boy

      Sigh, screw CM Punk, he had his time to shine in 2011. It’s Bryan’s turn now. Let Bryan have his moment in the sun, If Cena can step aside for him then Punk should be willing to do the same. Last thing Bryan needs is Punk trying to steal his shine.

      • Kris Mystery

        It could be said that Cena didn’t step aside for Bryan…rather he was forced aside due to his needed surgery. I actually don’t see Punk being put into this angle at all. Punk will have many more runs in the future.

        • Rus

          Im just saying that it would be an awesome story line it could start off being because there treating Bryan the same way as they treated Punk and the story could sky rocket strap them with tag titles and have them falling out at royal rumble leading them into a match at Wrestle Mania and have it for the WWE title perfect

      • Nick K

        Yea punk could’ve been the Guy but then triple h went over him and screwed it up…huge mistake and flat out horrible booking. That said punk still drawn hugest reactions so there’s no need for him to step aside. You’re personal feelings towards him are irrelevant.

  • Malboja

    Did anyone think that the contract has nothing to do with it and it’s more a case of you don’t want to become a target …. Remember , don’t cross the boss !!!

  • jdl

    AJ is a TNA Lifer. He’ll resign, it’s inevitable.

  • Whammaster

    I’m really sick and tired of reading Orton attempting to destroy yet another career in the WWE. This will be the 4th time i have read that he has attempted this, and hes won 3 times so far. My question is what did Ziggler do to deserve this. Is it the Swagger treatment for being insanely cocky? I’m amazed that WWE even shitted on Ziggler, cuz he was a hot talent for Smackdown.

  • Draven

    Orton is nothing more than a big baby. Cant wwe see that its obviously not always the other persons fault that its orton.

  • Charles

    The illogical part was Renee Young trying to get people fired to begin with.
    She can’t be trusted.

  • BigMike

    it would be an awesome way to bring Big SHow out and in the face of HHH let HHH threaten everyone again and THIS time SHow comes out and cleans house and HHH tells him he is fired and Big SHow laugh and say IRONCLAD CONTRACT, deal with it ……. I would like to see AJ in WWE but I do not think he would be used as he should so I would like him to go back to ROH where he could be himself

    • Tim

      I was hoping so bad that show would hit hhh with a WMD when hhh looked back before walking to the back.

  • Jbreed

    I don’t get all of Randy Orton’s influence backstage. It’s not like the guy sells merchandise like John Cena does or is such a big part in selling out arenas. But still he not only has a say in who gets depushed but even who gets fired, as in the case with Mr. Kennedy. While he’s gotten away with bad behavior over the years and violating the wellness policy who knows who many times.

  • Tony Rankin

    The thing I found more weird than not mentioning Show’s Iron Clad contract was why in the hell Renee Young was out trying to interview people.

  • Phil

    What do you mean about Triple H going over Punk in regard to this current storyline? Do you mean this could have been Punk in the same role as Bryan?

  • LBP365

    If I was TNA it’s time go for broke give AJ a two year deal use that time to find a new investor or partner (i’ll try CBS, HDNET, or TNT) and hope for the best then at BFG 12 it will be the last.

  • Tim

    I don’t think wwe wants us to have a short term memory. I think they are the ones with the shirt term memory.

  • David

    dont forget the writers have so much T.V time they have to write for that they probably have short term memories and would not remember Big Show’s contract storyline.

    • rrrrrrr

      that sounds like an excuse wwe would make…not a fan. lol writing team or no writing team, everything has to pass thru vince first….

  • Stoney

    How dumb does WWE think their fans are?

    • Lrgetrout25

      They’ll even come out and say it to our faces.

      I forget which Raw it was, but Vickie started to make a match by saying “Well, you guys haven’t wrestled in 2 years, so for THE FIRST TIME EVER,…”

      They’ll poke fun at it once in a while.

  • Jay El Bee

    The Big Show not helping Bryan has nothing to do with the iron clad contract, it’s because he doesn’t want to get stuck in handicap matches for the rest of his career.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Orton should be the star of Total Divas season 2!

    • Danny_Boy

      Your mom should be the star of Total Divas

  • Mikearoonie

    Possibly the logic gap on Raw was them thinking that due to them firing Laurinaitis on television that the contract he gave Big Show was gone as well…? I’m not sure, but that’s the only explanation I can think of

  • I Heart For Justin Gabriel

    I Say Thats Not A Bad Idea To Have AJ Styles In WWE!!!! They Can All Ways Tag Team Him Up With Justin Gabriel……Maybe AJ Styles Can Help Justin Gabriel With His Wrestling