WWE Hall Of Famer At Raw, Return To Albany, Who Was Little Johnny?

- WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backland was at Raw on Monday. Wrestling News World reader Matt LaFalce noted that he took photos with fans at the show.

- The company will return to the Times Union Center in Albany, New York on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 for the WWE Main Event/Smackdown taping.

- The child that played Little Johnny at Extreme Rules on Sunday was the son of John "Jamison Winger" DiGiacomo.

  • Patrick

    I Remember Jamison he was in WWE in the late 80’s on Primetime wrestling hang around with Bobby Heenan…also in one funny Skit………. MR.Fuji had The Berzerker toss Jamison off the Roof into a dumbster on a episode of PrimeTime Wrestling.

  • David Jr.

    He’s also the little boy in the NFL play 60 commercials that tells Cam Newton , he is taking his job. I read an interview of “Jamison” in which he says that is his son. Wonder is Jamison and IRS ever did a skit together in the 80s?