WWE Hall Of Famers Praise Roman Reigns For Royal Rumble Work

Roman Reigns received a lot of praise for his performance in the 30-man Royal Rumble match on Sunday night. The following reactions are from Twitter:

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    It was obvious that Reigns was going to do very well during the rumble, but the fact he broke the record? Going to be fun watching him in the future.

  • Krista Lee

    Nothing but positive things for Reigns in the future. I hope so!

  • David

    I almost feel sorry for Roman Reigns.

    He’s going to get brutalised by so many on the Internet. His ring work is average as is his mic work and yet all because he’s big with a good spear and handsome looks he’s getting the superman push.

    It will really expose him when he starts facing a variety of performers in singles competition. Yet WWE see a guy that has the look so they’re too short sighted to see the benefit of a year or 2’s development.

    • MC Elroy

      I feel like you’re the one that is short sighted. Yes, he is young and still a little green. But, he keeps improving. I think that the single matches he has had so far have been good. His sick apron dropkick during his rumble entrance was sick.

    • Nate031492

      What, Roman Reigns was one of the best talents in the Royal Rumble. Also WWE should have gave the win to Reigns & push him like they did Brock Lesnar in 2002 & I just didn’t want Batista to win. He was sloppy & if that is the main event for WrestleMania this year instead of The Undertaker’s match or Daniel Bryan, CM Punk or Triple H, then people are going to use that as a bathroom break.

    • GOR

      WWE is pushing Roman Reigns too fast too furius. There r othrs who have prooved themselves to b worthy of such a push, including 2 other guys in the shield.n yet they keep getting ignored for the supposed future poster-boy.

  • BigMike

    Great things especially since he has not been wrestling near as long as either Rollins or Moxley/AMbrose; he has learned ALOT and has the look and definately has he IT. It would be cool if he did a 6 man with his cousins the Usos(( ever notice how much they look alike?))