WWE Hall Of Famer To Be Involved In Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar At Wrestlemania 29?, Latest News Regarding The Match Outcome

We're told coming into the week Triple H wanted to go over in his bout with Brock Lesnar with help from Shawn Michaels. The thinking would be Michaels would be looking to get revenge on Lesnar. However, as of this writing, Michaels has not agreed to appear at Wrestlemania 29.

While things like this are usually sorted out far in advance, sources close to Triple H says he's simply been overworked. From securing Bruno Sammartino for the WWE Hall of Fame, worrying about whether or not they were going to be able to land Undertaker and now trying to get Arnold Schwarzenegger to induct Bruno and getting his close friend Shawn Michaels to work the show.

There are some in the company that wonder why The Rock and Brock would both go under at Wrestlemania if they're supposed to face each other at a later date.

  • I think have Triple H lose. I mean WWE could easily wite a way to bring him back in. Plus it would create interest

    • Xavier


  • Chris

    Shocker!!! Tripple H thinks he should go over??? What a D-Bag!!!

    • Why should HHH lose again to a guy that doesn’t even respect the business he’s in?

      • Boogie

        Who says he doesn’t respect the business? He’s never done anything to disrespect it.

        • Xavier

          I guess you’ve never seen any of Lesnar’s interviews. Lesnar is only in it for the money. He doesn’t associate with any of the other wrestlers on the roster. He demands outrageous amounts of money to work very little dates. He walked out on the middle of his contract in 2004. Then agreed to comeback in the summer of 2005 only to no show again. But I’m guessing since this isn’t The Rock, HHH, or Cena doing any of these things everyone will give him pass.

          • Boogie


          • Xavier

            If speaking truth & common sense is the definition of a mark, then I guess I am.

    • Xavier

      Didn’t HHH lost to Benoit, Batista & Cena in three straight Wrestlemanias? Didn’t he also lose at WM24 and isn’t he coming off of back to back Wrestlemania loses to the Undertaker? Taker has done his fair share of putting over at Mania. Doesn’t sound like he’s a D-Bag at all.

  • Hunter needs to lose this match to give Brock some more momentum, Triple H gains absolutely nothing from defeating Brock other than storyline redemption, where as Brock going over builds him as more unstoppable when someone else who can benefit from it finally takes him down