WWE Hell In A Cell Buyrate Up From Last Year; Vince McMahon Thanking Ryback

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WWE Hell in a Cell is  projected to have done 200,000 buys, which is up 10,000 buys from the 190,000 the show did last year.

We reported earlier this month here on Richard's Backstage Blog the number beat internal projections and Vince McMahon was attributing it to Ryback, who headlined the show against WWE Champion CM Punk.

  • nandy05

    Vince McMahon statement about HIAC success thanks to ryback is a 100% disrespect for the rest of the roster who work hard on every ppv specially the WWE Champ CM Punk.

    #shame #disrespect

    • Sam Anderson

      Ryback has worked really hard. Just not as Ryback.

  • Oh yea, it’s gotta be Ryback that drew those numbers…..not cm punk.

  • that_one_guy

    Ig ryback can cell good for him

  • Hitman310

    Vince is sprung on ryback… Creepy

    • William Shatner

      Wouldn't be the first time Vince has had wood for one of his big meaty megastars-to-be, according to some rumours I've heard… wink wink… nudge nudge… know what I mean?

      • Hitman310

        Oh yeah i know what you mean… check out ultimate warriors confessions on youtube…

  • opie

    Is Ryback the new Ultimate Warrior?

  • Kyle Gordon

    Oh god this gives me a really bad feeling about Cm Punk's title reign

  • Ray

    Uh oh Ryback is Vince’s new boy toy. Lmao. Too back hell in a cell still sucked.

  • donny

    really really come on now Vince

  • H.M.

    Yeah Punk is great and all but had he really been such a draw for people, Raw's ratings might have been higher. I love how the comments above me are completely dismissing the idea that it MIGHT actually have been Ryback that caused the slight surge in buyrates, simply because they don't like the guy LOL. Cognitive dissonance at it's finest. Imagine if it was Punk/Cena yet again. do you people honestly think that would draw as much?

  • peter

    Oh dear more moans about Ryback from know -it -all-couch-potatoe-critics, the reason you don't like Ryback is because he has made your pressures Punk look pretty average at best, they are just keeping the belt on him so he can get beaten by the Rock at the RR.

    • H.M.

      You were right on in the beginning but kinda lost steam there by calling Punk average. No one can deny the guys talent and entertainment value although his rants about respect have run their course.

      • peter

        I think Punk is a excellent wrestler but against Ryback they have made him look average thats all i am saying.

  • Bault16

    This is why Ryback should be champ and take on the Rock.

  • Evon Reese

    The ratings sure as hell wasn't because of Punk. He's the reason they are losing ratings

  • John

    If people are buying pay-per-views to watch a Ryback match then god help the future of the WWE! Ryback is second only to Khali as the worst worker on the roster.

    Personally i contribute the good buyrate to fans simply being interested in the HIAC concept, because the HIAC PPV is one of the few events that doesn't air on PPV in the UK, yet the event always does well in terms of PPV buys.