WWE Writers & Top Officials Hoping To Have A Plan For The Top Two Wrestlemania XXIX Matches Following SummerSlam - Latest Direction Vince McMahon Is Leaning & Scenarios To Set Them Up; Exclusive Update On The Future Of The Undertaker

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WWE officials hope to have a game plan for the top two matches at Wrestlemania XXIX following this Sunday's SummerSlam pay-per-view. I'm told the reason is they need a direction to go in towards Survivor Series through the rest of the year.

Whether Vince McMahon decides to do The Rock vs. John Cena II or Rock vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, both scenarios call for Rock to go over the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble.  As things currently stand, whichever opponent Vince decides upon for Rock at Wrestlemania, would go over in the Rumble match.  The problems are obvious with both Rock and Brock being part-time talent.

The big questions remain are with who is left out. If the company opts to do Lesnar vs. Rock, they are probably left with The Undertaker vs. Cena. If they do Rock vs. Cena II, then they likely  do Lesnar vs. Undertaker. I'm told the company has toyed with the idea of Punk vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania but Cena would be the odd man out. Logic would call for Brock vs. Undertaker and Cena vs Rock and the non-logical would be Brock vs. Rock. With new negotiations between WWE and Brock Lesnar, most believe if they get Lesnar for another year they will go for the "knockout blow" and the big buyrate and worry about everything else later.

Regarding the future of The Undertaker, I'm told many feel Wrestlemania will be his last quality match if not his final match of all-time. Despite feeling well, Undertaker's back and hips are an issue.

While the writers will have to work all this out soon and start planning for Wrestlemania, there are some who feel they are in the dark and Vince has already made up his mind.

  • davegraves

    putting the rock over for the championship is just plain stupid. who wants a wwe chmpion thats only there once every 3 months

  • Ranfery25

    This is why I love This Site! No one can come close to these news we get here!

    • Richard Gray

      Thanks! I really work hard to provide our readers with as much detailed information as I possibly can. Much more to come before SummerSlam

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Punk vs Cena vs the rock would be better. I am just saying wwe if your reading this.. Or punk vs Brock vs the rock too.. Have Cena take on the taker. Although that would make 3 wm that Cena lost in a row.

  • Robert Wingard

    Hey guys, no writer in his right mind would put Lesner and the Undertaker together. I cannot imagine Lesner ending the streak and ending Takers career. Part-timers DO NOT deserve Wrestlemania matches or money. Cena or Punk vs Undertaker would be a great match with Lesner in a triple threat match. Also, make the TAG TEAM belts mean something ala Demolition,LOD, Hart Foundation. These clowns Tag Teaming now couldn't
    carry the aforementioned teams jock straps!!!!!

  • AntGilroy

    I’d like to see punk vs taker!!! In a casket match and have punk win… Sending taker gone forever….. As the casket goes down the aisle have all his previous opponents standing in a line watching the casket.

    • Andrew Ace

      If HHH and HBK couldn’t get the job done what makes you think they’ll let punk end the streak. The only man who could possibly end the streak in my opinion is the man who never got a shot. Stone Cold Steve Austin

      • HOGAN

        Cena is the only man with the possiblitity of ending the streak

      • Evon Reese


  • urnemystic

    I think an awesome card would be Rock defending the wwe title against cena, brock vs undertaker, cm punk vs daniel bryan (so at least one wrestling classic on the card),and Ziggler defending the world title in a 4 way against say sheamus, wade barrett and Orton.

  • Patrick Peralta

    When it comes to Undertaker I would like to see The Undertaker vs. Cena at Wrestlemania no matter if it is Undertaker's last match or not.

    I DO NOT want to see Undertaker Vs Lesner………. Lesner is a part-time wrestler and I agree with the above post from Robert.. Lesner does not deserve to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

    The Undertaker vs. Cena is the Big Match to have, for the simple reason you ca not say 100% that Cena will go over or not. I'd like to see the match before Undertaker Disides to retire for good.

    When Undertaker disides to hang it up I'd like to see him go out on top and with his unbeaten streak in tact. he should go out undefeated at Wrestlemania…

    once he is gone that is a achievement that will never be duplicated again.

  • proud

    Rock vs. Daniel Bryan works for me and they have history and enough skill to believe the story.
    Cena vs. The Undertaker deserves to happen.
    Brock Lesnar vs. Sheamus would work for me and after the 18 seconds last wrestlemania I think Sheamus should go under.
    Ziggler vs. Y2J world heavyweight title
    CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett WWE championship
    Cody Rhodes vs. Triple H
    Jack Swagger & Heath Slater vs. Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton Tag team championship
    Throw in a match for Big Show, Kane and Christian and a quality divas match and I love the card already

  • buddah5050

    I hope Cenas left off the card completely!! He’s such a duchebag!!!

  • _JIM_

    I am VERY MUCH AGAINST either Rock or Lesnar getting a run with the WWE Championship. Unless Brock would happen to sign on for another whole year with more dates than his current deal. I’m of the feeling that a champion should be a worker that is not part-time, but with Brock having Heyman to do his talking in his absence, it keeps him relevant and on people’s minds without having to have him at every single show. So I wouldn’t be totally against giving Brock a run with the WWE Championship, but I am against The Rock getting a championship run. He doesn’t appear enough and doesn’t have a “mouth piece” to talk for him when he’s not there, and him appearing “live via satellite” just doesn’t hack it IMO. There doesn’t have to be any odd man out in this mix either. Because they could insert HHH into a program with any one of those guys and it would be good. Depending on how they do it, and who they decide to pair him with, it could be the best match of the night. I’d like to see Hunter feud with Punk myself. Then they could do Taker vs Lesnar and Cena vs Rock 2.

  • Gary

    Undertaker should 100% be facing off against Cena. The Streak vs. the top guy for the last decade. And if not him, then Punk. Lesnar would just be an obvious win for Taker b/c they won't put a part-timer over him…and Rock/Lesnar…that match sucked years ago already.

  • WillieDberriaN

    No one will be completely satisfied with whoever taker faces at WM. So I say that WWE should completely piss off everyone and have, out of the blue, Ryback end the Streak and start his career for the next 20 years of chasing The Streak.

    • themcdangler

      Lol YES YES YEA

  • Ben

    It should be Rock vs. Cena with the title on the line and Cena going over. Frankly, it almost has to be that matchup after choosing to go with the swerve and having Rock go over last year. Set it up by having The Rock be the last entrant in the Rumble- eliminating Cena to finish- and have Cena win the title from Punk in an Elimination Chamber match. It might not be popular with the IWC, but fact is Cena is the #1 in the company and him winning the title from The Rock at WM cements him there. As for Lesnar, Brock vs. Taker sounds like the ideal match. As for Punk, given his current character, it makes sense for him to have a big feud with Triple H. Just have him giving the GM so much backtalk the COO decides to take matters into his own hands. Obviously the Austin/Punk match would be the dream, but Austin probably won't (and shouldn't) play third fiddle to Rock and Brock, aside from the health concerns.

  • Chapinb0yy

    Thank you Richard. Truly the best wrestling news out there. This is why premium membership is great and is highly recommended.

  • Jaryd

    I think a Taker vs Brock programme would only really compel me if Undertaker relaxed the deadman character a ittle and was more like Mark Calloway (i.e the love he has for MMA) and make an issue between the two out of that.

  • Evon Reese

    Kane should be the one to end the streak with the Undertaker. It's only right for Kane to be the one to do it.

    • kbunyon

      A number of years ago (I cannot remember when exactly) Jacobs (Kane) refused to end Taker's Streak.

      While I would love one more fight at WM between the Brothers of Destruction, I highly doubt Kane would be going over Taker. Actually, I've been wanting Taker vs Kane at WM the past couple years and was rather unhappy (until I watched the actual match) about Trip being the one in the ring with Taker most recently.

      I will continue to hope for one last fight between the brothers, as I think it will be big for them to go full circle, but I highly doubt we'll see it.


      • Evon Reese

        Undertaker deserves the right to pick who ends the streak. They should let him. Maybe since Kane knows this is the last one he might change his mind and the match between HHH and Undertaker was awesome. They gave all they had.

        • Evon Reese

          I did not mean to mark kbunyons remark down. I meant to give it a thumbs up. Sorry about fat fingers.

  • DDonahue

    Richard, or Kendra, tho I’m late.. Out of all these scenarios, if you were Vince, what would you choose?