WWE Hosting Diva Search In Los Angeles

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WWE is hosting a Diva Search in Los Angeles where they are seeking out new female talent. Ten candidates from modeling agencies are being paid to train, those deemed impressive will be offered developmental contracts. Head NXT trainer Bill DeMott is presiding over the tryouts.

  • PainOfDemise

    Of course they have to get models and see if they have any smidge of talent in wrestling. Why can’t they just find actual female wrestlers? Oh because they don’t wrestle, that’s right.

    • Just let them hire the pretty girls who got no talent. Wrestling in the WWE as a female is a joke to any real woman wrestler these days. At least TNA has some nice looking girls who can actually wrestle. Don’t see why WWE can’t go that route.

  • Dangerous Lee

    We’re gonna get more Kelly Kellys…..alriiiiight!