WWE Hosts Warrior's Wife Dana & Their Children At Weekend Live Event

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WWE hosted the wife of Ultimate Warrior, Dana, and their children at Sunday's live event in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Dana wrote the following about the experience on Facebook:

While there are many reasons to criticize Vince McMahon, he has taken very good care of Warrior's family in the days after his passing. That should be commended.

Below is a photo of the girls in the ring with WWE Divas Champion Paige and Natalya:

  • vince mcmahon rules

    what are the reasons to “criticize” vince McMahon ? seriously, internet rassling fans and dirt sheet writers should be grateful to vince McMahon for providing them with years of mindless entertainment at an affordable price.
    warrior said some pretty harsh things about McMahon before he had the good sense to realize that McMahon made him a star and gave him all of the fame and fortune which he amassed over his pro wrestling career.
    it is a shame that warrior died and I am sure vince feels bad that he and warrior were real life enemies over 18 years, but it is nice to see that vince can be the bigger man and show compassion towards warrior’s family.

    • Snap

      I think what you mean is “Vince can be big enough” or “kind enough” instead of “the bigger man” as that implies (and I’m not sure of exactly what) that Vince and Warrior were at odds over something at the time, which would have put Warrior and his family in the WWE doghouse, but considering WrestleMania weekend was practically dedicated to Warrior, that doesn’t seem the case.

      It’s nice to see WWE being there for the families of stars who pass suddenly, especially when there are young children involved, I just hope it doesn’t lead to Warrior’s wife being given an on air role and ultimately treated the way Vickie Guerrero has been.