WWE House Show Moved; Drew McIntyre's Future On Smackdown

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- WWE has moved their March 4th house show scheduled for the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts to the Bangor Auditorium in Bangor, Maine.

- The official WWE website has a new article online looking at Drew McIntyre. McIntyre, once slated for a monster push, has been forgotten about until recent weeks. You can read their piece at this link.

  • outkazt09

    I just don’t see anything with this guy. He has no personality.

    • Van

      he's a great athlete

  • Robert

    Well now we all know how that went. !Yeh right.!

  • Patrick

    I must be missing the part where this article actually discussed the “future” of Drew McIntyre

    • Eggtrocious

      This has happened a couple of time in the last few days. Not sure what's happening…

      • Matt Scott

        And also a bit insulting to assume we’d all forgotten about him.

        • wnwdotcom2

          The article looks at McIntyre's future as to whether or not he'll be able to respond to Teddy Long's challenge. Read the article and you'll see what I mean.

  • Josh in MN

    I thought it was funny when VKM mentioned John Cena and there were no boos! lol

  • Brandon

    YES! WWE finally comes back to Maine.

  • Philip Thompson

    Drew McIntyre is a very talented wrestler, he just needs to come up with a popular gimmick/character for himself rather than sitting around waiting for WWE creative to do it. The reality is that WWE is all about the E nowadays and being an excellent wrestler is no guarantee of a push. Take The Great Khali for example, a trully terrible wrestler – he's managed to kill a man in the ring, can barely move in the ring, let alone wrestler, has no mic skills whatsoever, botches spots, doesn't know what's going on most of the time etc etc and he still managed to get a run as the world champion just because he's big. For people who aren't big they can't just assume that talent will get them a push, they need to get peoples attention somehow.

  • Kevin

    I just read the article on Drew McIntyre, and while I was there, I checked out an article on the abscence of The Undertaker. An idea occured to me: if Drew McIntyre REALLY wants to prove himself, he should come out on Smackdown and call out the biggest name of all: The Undertaker. After all, when Wade Barrett made his debut on Smackdown, he immediately went after the Big Show. They could build Drew back up again by having him call out the Undertaker, have the Undertaker respond via video leading up to Wrestlemania XXVIII, then have a match between Drew and UT. In the interim, Drew would become the vicious wrestler he once was, destroying everyone in his path, including guys like Sheamus, leading up to his match with UT. If done properly, Drew would impress Teddy Long by holding his own against UT in an epic battle at Wrestlemania XXVIII. This would lead to Drew winning the heavyweight title. He could be allowed to keep it until WM XXIX, where he once again battles UT for the belt. UT wins the belt, then retires, leaving the title open, leading to a tournament to determine a new champion. It's been a while since we had that scenario, and I think it's about time we did.