WWE Injury Updates, Ryback Tag Team, Langston, Top Prospects, Survivor Series Doomed?

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I know others have asked over and over, so here goes the same questions mixed in together: When will Christian, Evan Bourne, and Sheamus coming back to the ring? Do you have a definitive timetable for their returns?

I have no timetable for Christian's return. He's not on the European tour and he said at last month's WWE NXT tapings that he was not yet medically cleared to compete following a concussion suffered in August. Evan Bourne has been cleared for months but there are not creative plans for him as of press time. Sheamus is still slated to return between December and February from the torn labrum he suffered at WWE Money in the Bank.

Why not a tag team of Big E. Langston and Ryback? Who could beat them? Paul Heyman as their mouthpiece? Now that would be money… your thoughts?

I wouldn't be opposed to putting Ryback in a tag team to help him progress but I'd like to see Big E Langston continue on his current path. Vince McMahon and John Cena are both high up on Langston and he's starting to get his push in singles. WWE is currently in the process of breaking Paul Heyman away from Ryback.

Which of the current NXT workers do you see as potential big names in WWE? Personally I think Corey Graves is an extremely talented wrestler as is Xavier Woods. What are your thoughts?

I am also high up on Corey Graves and Xavier Woods. Other names on my radar include Adrian Neville as well as both members of The Ascension. Let's not forget Bo Dallas, who has been a highly touted prospect for years. Kassius Ohno, who was released last week, was someone I thought was one of the company's most talented prospects.

WWE was upset with the SummerSlam buys and that show had Brock Lesnar. What do you anticipate from Survivor Series?

This is a good question. If Vince McMahon didn't think fans bought the attraction of Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk and John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan, what does he expect from Survivor Series? The first three bouts announced for the show are not particularly strong - just take a look - Randy Orton vs. Big Show, Cena vs. Del Rio again and CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan.  Is that enough to sell a "big four" pay-per-view?  The show is a week from Sunday and there is only one episode of Monday Night Raw left. I think the show is going to have a hard time garnering a desirable buy rate.

From the Ask WNW vault…

November 2011: In yesterday's Ask WNW you mentioned that Vince McMahon is not high up on the Survivor Series gimmick. Why? - Survivor Series 2009 did 235,000 buys which was sharply down from 319,000 buys from the year prior. While I loudly maintained it was because UFC had a show the night before, Vince McMahon said in an investor conference call the concept was no longer over. I don't know what or who changed his mind but he was ready to nix the pay-per-view because of the decline in buys. Last year's Survivor Series buys were up but only slightly at 244,000 buys.

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  • Jesse Sherwood

    Well, it may just be my opinion, but I don’t see Survivor Series as a Big 4 PPV anymore. WWE hasn’t treated it as such over the past few years, so why should the fans?

    • Brandon van Reenen

      This. Hell, not even Rock/Cena vs. Awesome Truth was memorable. MITB has been entertaining for a while – that’s more of a Big 4 PPV than Survivor Series in my opinion.

      • Xavier

        I disagree somewhat with that. That crowd in Madison Square Garden was on fire for The Rock that night,, the tag match it’s self was pretty good as well as the post match showdown between Rock & Cena. I’d rank the 2011 right up there with one of the best PPVs of the last 5 years. The whole card from top to bottom was pretty good. However, I do agree that Survivor Series in general has lost a lot of prestige and judging by the way this year’s card is shaping up it’s going to lose even more prestige.

        • TheBigKing1


    • Noelz

      I feel like after like 2006 or 7 survivor series lost that big four feel and really never got it back…but up until then it was sometimes the best show of the year behind mania especially for me…I started watching between mania 17 and the invasion and the winner take all match was my first survivor series then the next year with that msg crowd and probs the best card there has been on a ppv it was definitely a big fight feel…I definitely think booking the 6 on 6 match coulda restored that

    • The Breaker

      Both Money In The Bank and Extreme Rules are more exciting draws each year than Survivor Series.

  • Jbreed

    There’s something wrong with the product when the top three matches, which include the top stars in the company, aren’t enough to sell a ppv.

  • Cubed56

    In my opinion they could easily boost the buy rates if they would give the fans what they really want to see for once. I mean why tease an epic 6 v 6 match with Punk, Bryan, the Rhodes, and Usos v The Shield and The Wyatt’s on raw if your not gonna move forward with it. That segment to end raw last Monday had everyone talking and excited to see that match at SS. The match alone I think would really increase buy rates not just for the in ring work, but everyone will be excited to see how they would progress what appears to be an impending feud between The Sheid and Wyatt’s. I know all the people mentioned could get involved, but I believe if they would just have the 6 v 6 match buy rates would go up IMO. On top of this, during the match eventually you let tension mount between the Shield and Wyatt’s, they implode costing them the match. In turn this starts a feud that comes to a boiling point at the royal rumble where they come face to face again during the rumble with them eliminating each other. This then escalates to crazy promos and attacks on one another, perhaps costing Ambrose the us title at one point, and the Sheild costing bray to lose a match at some point as well as Rowan and Harper during a tag team title match perhaps. This would all lead to an epic showdown at WM. Talk about a great road to WM!

    • Xavier

      I feel ya bro. The announcement of the tag match was a HUGE letdown. I marked out big time when the Wyatts & Sheild had that stand off, it was great. Seeing the Rhodes Family & The Usos get involved was a cool moment as well. I was for sure going to order Survivor Series after assuming we would get the 12 man tag match but with the way the card is shaping up now I’ll probably just get a $5 stream and watch that way. Orton/Big Show & Cena/Del Rio isn’t all that appealing either. After watching Raw & Smackdown these past couple of weeks I’d much rather see Cena/Cesaro then Cena/Del Rio as well. I’m still holding out a little hope that the tag match is changed to a 12 man elimination tag match. Let’s cross are fingers.

      • Cubed56

        I sure as hell hope they change there mind. I’ve heard it said that wwe brass reads sights like this, well I hope they read this discussion today, cause this is one time they must listen to the fans. For Christ sake it’s not rocket science, PPV buys are down cause you’ve got championship feuds that nobody really gives a damn about. Sure cena is a draw, but nobody cares for del rio, and yes Orton can draw, but they are sick of seeing screw jobs at the end of all his title matches. A lot has to do with booking I get it, but I can almost guarantee if they give us the 6 v 6 match we all want, the PPV buys will increase on that alone. Hell the PPV itself will sell on that one match. Avoid any screwy finishes in the title matches, giving us just good clean matches, and I bet the fans will start buying again. Right now I believe fans are extremely frustrated with the booking and screwy finishes that they don’t trust it won’t happen again, so they aren’t gonna spend there hard earned money on a rehash of stuff we’ve already seen.

    • Jay El Bee

      The thing is why would Triple H or anyone in the Authority schedule that match when the Rhodes, Usos, Punk & Bryan were all united, while the Shield & Wyatt Family were brawling with each other on Monday.

  • David F.

    It also does not help when WWE has done screwy finishes the last several ppvs. If WWE wants fans to keep spending over $50 for a PPV then at some point you need to give the fans what they want. Screwy finishes are strong reminder to fans not to buy a ppv unless its Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania

    • Bob’s Diner

      Even JR agrees with you on that

  • Nostaljack

    Ryback in a tag team with Big E.? Whose bright idea was that? Big E. has *far* more going for him than Ryback does. Putting him with Ryback would be a step backward.

    • Venom

      Yeah but also expect Big E. will be humbled down the line for a bit to see how he handles it and go on a losing streak before WWE gives him a push. After all that is the WWE way. Even sheamus experienced it after a huge push in winning his first WWE title then went on a losing streak to wrestling Daniel Bryan in a wrestlemania dark match before winning the royal rumble a year later. I expect similar things in Big E.’s future.

      • Herman Tank

        I don’t expect anything out of Big E’s future. Maybe midcard status. This isn’t meant to offend but does anyone remember Ahmed Johnson, Ezekiel Jackson, Faarooq Asad? They gave these guys decent pushes only to push them down again or even out the door. Hope I’m wrong on Langston.

        • Venom

          Yeah but Faarooq Asad was a terrible gimmick. They changed him to Nation of Domination and while he didn’t get world championship he wasn’t a jobber either.

          Ahmed Johnson while I was a fan growing up and didn’t understand all the backstage news he was a stiff worker and constantly injuring people.

          Now for Ezekial Jackson… I’ve kind of had this theory that there is an Intercontinental Championship title curse. Just look at the previous IC holders and look at what happened to them after losing it. Off the top of my head starting with Wade Barrett when he moved to smackdown and started The Corre he lost it to Ezekial and his career went downwards. Then Ezekial held it for a bit then lost it to Cody Rhodes. Then I believe Cody lost it to Kofi(?) and his career went downhill for a year or 2 until recently. Kofi held it until losing to The Miz I think and Kofis career is currently in the toilet. The miz held and lost it and again his career is going nowhere. Wade Bareett held it again and look where he is at the moment. Now we have Curtis Axel and while I was rooting for him to get over sucks with the way he’s being pushed and will go nowhere after losing it.

          Even Drew held it years ago and after losing it his career went downhill. John Morrison held it and he left. I really think the IC title is cursed despite how silly this may sound.

        • Bob’s Diner

          I don’t really think they ever gave Ron Simmons a really big push. First black world champion to Faarooq is a bit of a step down, if you ask me.

    • TheBigKing1

      No it wouldn’t. They can push both of them at the same time. But I do agree with Richard about Big E. I feel that he’s now getting his feet wet in singles competition, so right now…not such a good idea. But maybe later on down the line, in the future.

  • Jbreed

    If being a Paul Heyman guy couldn’t put Ryback over than he basically has no chance anymore.

    • TheBigKing1

      What you mean? Ryback is already over. Didn’t you hear? He has a lot of heat on him, allegedly. That’s the reason why they are booking him like this currently.

  • ldb

    Survivor Series: Series of elimination tag matches with teams built through compelling storylines and booking. .. When was the last time the wwe actually followed that?

  • Venom

    Being a Paul Heyman guy isn’t really what it’s all cracked up to be on camera. Sure behind the scenes its an honor for most wrestlers. RVD, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar. But there are other Paul Heyman guys on camera that flopped. Remember Heidenrich? They feuded with Undertaker and of course WWE thinks it’ll elevate someone by having them lose in HANDICAP matches to guys like Undertaker and recently with CM Punk.

    I’m on wikipedia and looking at WWE wrestlers he managed but flopped under his management: A-Train, Heidenrich, Matt Morgan, Nathan Jones, Test, Curtis Axel, and Ryback. I left out Sheldon Benjamin and Charlie Haas because they were a tag team and while they didn’t become single stars the team was successful.

    So then there is Big Show and Kurt Angle but they were successful on their own before Heyman. So really the only successful Paul Heyman guys are Punk and Lesnar.

    • Venom

      I do want to also add that I think Paul Heyman is a genius and great on camera character. Always loved his promos and was a huge fan of the original ECW. And even though he never managed him, or declared him a Paul Heyman guy, he was the one who gave Santino a chance in OVW by giving him that Russian gimmick which was later changed to an Italian comedy but I read it’s what lead to Santino getting a contract.

    • Xavier


    • The arbiter

      !00% agree venom.
      Paul Heyman is expert at putting Paul Heyman over and thats about it. Punk got over with the pipebomb and was probably at his peak in Chicago vs Cena, before Heyman came back this time.

      Lesnar…. well…. if you can’t get someone with Lesnars natural abilities over, then you can’t get anyone over.

      I enjoy Heyman as an entertainer as for his contribution to pro-wrestling. But I don’t think he does it for any other reason than to promote himself. Which is actually fine, but I have no idea where the idea that you can put a guy with paul to get them over came from.

  • The arbiter

    I like ascension, but please can they rename Conor O’brian before bringing him to the main roster. That supernatural gimmick just doesn’t work with such a mundane name.

  • Charlie


  • BigMike

    Why in the hell did they release Kassius or better known as CHris Hero? He could have come up and made the Real Americans an even better stable, as He and Claudio/ANtonio were a great Tag Team in ROH

  • Bob’s Diner

    They need to add the Funkadactyls to the PPV. They’ve been boosting the ratings for Smackdown so much I can only imagine what they could do for PPV buyrates

    • James

      LOL. I hope you’re kidding.

  • JJ

    Whoever suggested putting stale Ryback with the Big E should be shot. Big E is getting over by himself and it’s great he gets to be on his own, he was on Zigglers coat tail for so long he deserves single time. No love for Sami Zayn to move up? I like him a lot more then Corey Graves. And finally all ppvs are better without lesnar.

  • Jay El Bee

    The Survivor Series might be considered one of the big 4 but it is regularly outdrawn by some of the B level PPV’s on a yearly basis, probably because it takes place during the Fall when the WWE’s audience is at its lowest.

  • James

    They should throw a fatal 4-way match in for the Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series and crown a new champ. I’m beyond tired of Curtis Axel as the IC Champ. Give it to Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel,or a returning Wade Barrett.

  • TheBigKing1

    And we all know when Sheamus going to come back…why do people keep asking that same question over and over again. The only ones we do…well did not know were Christian and Evan Bourne. But it was recently reported a couple of days ago, that Evan Bourne will be back to WWE TV in a couple of weeks in December. they said before the year is out.