WWE Interested In Bringing Back Former Superstar - Who It Is & Why The Success Of Rob Van Dam Has Helped Their Chances Of Getting Re-Signed

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You may remember that earlier this year around the time the Rob Van Dam to WWE rumors first started they also involved MVP. We're told MVP is still actively pursuing a return to his former employer.

Triple H hasn't completely ruled out bringing MVP back, especially given the amount of success RVD has had since returning to the company. MVP really helped his cause when he left WWE in 2010 by speaking highly of his experience and reaffirming that they parted amicably.

There is a road block, however, as Hunter doesn't want people thinking they can come and go as they please. Things have changed the way WWE perceives part-time talent but not to the point where Hunter wants a precedent that they're a safety net if ventures outside of the company don't pan out. Another issue is WWE doesn't like the fact MVP has a deal with Lionsgate for a reality TV show.

One observer noted that everyone wants a deal like Chris Jericho where they can come and work and still pursue outside projects. As the same observer put it, not everyone is Chris Jericho.

  • Nostaljack

    I promise I’m not trying to be difficult but what is the big deal about MVP? He wasn’t awful but he wasn’t spectacular either. What am I missing?

    • Danny_Boy

      Judging from your prior post, you seem to be missing a lot

      • Nick K

        That coming from you is hysterical.

        • Danny_Boy

          Like your face!!

  • Nostaljack

    It appears no one’s gonna tell me. I’m really interested in finding out what makes him so amazing to those who love the guy. My question wasn’t rhetorical in the least bit. Can someone who loves him come out of the woodwork and educate me?