WWE Interested In Signing A Current TNA Impact Wrestling Title Holder & Top Ring Of Honor Star - Both Names Revealed Here Along With Possible Creative Plans

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I'm told WWE continues to discuss names they are interested in for the proposed WWE Network show focusing on cruiserweight action. The reason the show is getting a lot of attention is because the company feels that any program featuring new first run matches as opposed to vintage footage is considered essential in generating demand for the network.

Two names I can confirm that WWE is interested in are TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries and Ring of Honor's Roderick Strong. Aries' contract is coming up soon and it's believed that Strong's ROH deal is up at the end of the year. Remember Strong said earlier this week he'd love to make the change to WWE.

My source says the proposed show sounds like one of the more palatable ideas for the WWE Network but cautioned the company's resurrection of ECW seemed that way at first but quickly morphed into something else.

  • Fernando

    Those would be two great signings.

    • dektcmpunx

      austin aries vs cm punk feud on big stage please!!! =)…..why not pick strong and aries up for the main show?

  • proud

    Yeah but who are they?

    • chelu671

      Not sure if serious.

      Please look them up. Austin Aries is the greatest man that ever lived. Roderick Strong is one of the best ROH stars that company has.

      • Bault16

        Punk is way better than aires

    • Hoops

      Im sure the same can be said when WWe signed Bryan Danielson and CM Punk, and look at where we are now…..Strong and Aries are both big names on the Indy scene and most wrestling fans know of their talents…..I hope it happens!

  • Copeland

    Two amazing talents & two amazing signings! Strong & Aries are two of my favorites! It would be interesting to see what AA's decision would be on staying or leaving TNA though.

    • Fernando

      I'm not in Aries' mind, but I guess he'd like to give WWE a try. Given the fact he's 34, he shouldn't let the chance slip.

      • Copeland

        True I heard they were thinking about signing him a while ago but thought he was too "old"? As long as he's on TV I'm happy!

  • Stoney

    That would be great but I'm not sure how WWe would use them first?

    • XKonn247

      “in the proposed WWE Network show focussing on cruiser weights ”