WWE Interested In Two Major Names To Fill The Commentary Vacancy On Smackdown; Who They Are & What Has Stopped Either From Getting The Position To This Point

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WWE was actually interested in bringing John "Bradshaw" Layfield back to the company to fill the color commentary spot opened on Smackdown by Booker T. I'm told Layfield only wanted a one year commitment but WWE didn't want anything shorter than a two year dear, as they didn't want to be in the same situation a year from now.

Mick Foley was also under consideration for the spot but I'm told it's a "tough one" due to Triple H loving to bury him every chance he gets. Add that to the fact some feel they've "been down that road" before and most do not see him getting the spot.

  • amaanakter786

    JR! JR! JR! JR! JR! JR!

    • Jamie

      On smackdown? If anything keep cole on smackdown permanently and give the raw spot to JR

  • thebops

    I liked Stryker in commentary.

  • Isaac

    Simple solution: Take Cole out and bring them both in!

  • Dig Baddy

    Bring JR back and let him do RAW with King. Move Cole over to Smackdown with Matthews. Really, how much easier could that be?

  • Zack

    It's a shame Triple H's personal feelings are getting in the way, I thought Mic Foley was a spectacular color guy and would actually start watching smackdown again just to hear him.

  • Kleck

    I’m in favor of any and all opportunities to see and hear Mick Foley.

  • PainOfDemise

    Why do they need 3 of them? I think Josh and Cole are good enough on their own.

  • _JIM_

    Mick or J.B.L. would both be great for that job, but what seriously confuses me is why they haven't even considered bringing J.R. back to work the Smackdown tapings. It makes no sense to me that they have access to the best commentator in the history of the business yet they don't utilize him at all. Except for NXT and that just seems like a huge waste to me. I know J.R. isn't into travelling a lot at this point in his life, but showing up to tape Smackdown on Tuesdays doesn't seem like it would be that big of a deal. I guess he has more responsibility at NXT other than commentating their shows with his history at Talent Relations, but I still think that he would jump at the chance to be calling matches on Smackdown every week.

    • ericdraven86

      As J.R. himself as said many times, he’s enjoying not having to do all the traveling. Unfortunately we fans are going to have to accept that the icons are getting old. We have to find a new “J.R.”. That said, I still firmly believe they can find a whole lot better than Cole.

  • smithmiester

    Surely Jim Ross is a no brainer?

  • Miles

    Jr is needed more in nxt, jbl all the way..stupid rey and his machismo


    I wouldn't mind seeing Edge fill one of those spots

    • ChromeyDaniels

      I don’t believe Edge is under contract with WWE anymore. He didn’t resign or get a legends contract.

      • IZBLACK

        They could always resign him

  • Baba Ganoush

    If they were smart they would put JBL on RAW and kick Cole over to SD.

  • Robert Wingard

    what ever cuts Cole and his endless,mindless chatter in half would be a blessing. Any body would be a better HEEL than him!!!

  • havoc525

    Let Regal do it, until JBL gets his schedule open enough, then put him back in the booth.

  • J-Dub

    Foley to HHH to be the equivalent as JR to Vince.

  • Guy Landau

    either JBL or Striker will work tremendously. JBL and Cole are one of the most enjoyable announce team I can recall, and I would have no objections to JBL bringing the best out of Cole.

  • raider488

    I want jbl because I realize jr would never happen. But what do I really care? I stopped watching smackdown. Who has time for 5 hours of wrestling a week?