WWE Invading TNA?, Why Hogan Is Employed, The Undertaker's Future, Cena As The Face Of WWE, Bringing Wrestling News To Your Facebook

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With WWE promoting TNA stars on their website and on television could the "A Revolution is Coming" campaign be an invasion of Impact Wrestling?

No, WWE isn't going to "invade" TNA Wrestling. A lot of readers saw this happen when Vince McMahon purchased WCW or when ECW invaded WWE and want to see it happen again, however, there are no plans for the two largest wrestling promotions to work together. As for WWE promoting TNA wrestlers on their official website I think it's more indicative of Vince McMahon's feelings towards TNA. He doesn't see the company as competition and operates almost as if they do not even exist.

It seems like Hulk Hogan never knows what's going on (as in the case with Scott Steiner) and doesn't draw ratings anymore. Honestly, if the wrestlers don't like him being there, if he doesn't make more money for the company than he is getting paid, how does he have a job?

I agree many of Hulk Hogan's ideas seem out of touch with today's audience, however, he has a job because he is Hulk Hogan. I wish there was more of an explanation I could give you but that's the reason he has a job with TNA; because of who he is. Hogan can be credited for major pro wrestling booms in the 80s and 90s and the hope was he would put TNA on the map. Unfortunately that hasn't happened and TNA continues to struggle to grow their viewing audience. The latest idea is to move Impact back an hour in hopes they will lock in more viewers.

Has The Undertaker retired or will he work Wrestlemania XXIX next year?

There is no definitive word on The Undertaker's future but the last I heard he was in the preliminary plans for Wrestlemania XXIX. The days of him as a full-time WWE star are over but he felt good after his match at Wrestlemania XXVIII this year and apparently feels he has a couple more matches left in him.

How did John Cena become the face of WWE? How did he get picked over Randy Orton?

Becoming the "face" of WWE isn't something where a worker is necessarily picked. Obviously Cena was given a main event push and made the most of it but he earned his spot as the face of the company. While there are many factors that caused Cena to rise to the top the main reason is he is Vince McMahon's money maker. In 2010 John Cena was a $106 million retail brand according to ESPN's Michele Steele.

Can you explain how the Wrestling News World Facebook Application works?

Our newest website feature is our Facebook Application that allows you to share what you read with your Facebook friends. The application is particularly useful for readers that use Facebook and are looking for a way to stay "plugged in" with what is going on 24/7. All you have to do is click the "Login" button on the right of the website to connect your Facebook account to WrestlingNewsWorld.com and you will begin seeing updates on your Facebook feed.

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  • Ivan

    If I'm correct, Hulk Hogan was responsible for killing the six-sided ring. Nice job Hogan.

    • Howard Stern

      Yup, that was the most impact he's had on the show, and personally I think it was a bad idea to take away what set them apart from competitors.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Vince is the pimp. Cena is the prostitute.

    • Screetch

      Cena is Vince's bottom hoe!

      • search4theyeti

        The term is bottom b!tch and most people don't get that term. Which actually means he is his top money maker.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    No offense to Hogan, but him being there is really ruining TNA rather than helping them to the top. He gets a large sum of paycheck from TNA and doing nothing with facts that younger talents working their butts off to the top but still got pushed back down by Hogan (Samoa Joe, AJ Styles). The only young talent that TNA is pushing now is Garrett Bischoff and it's not because of his talent; it's because of he's the son of Hogan's boyfriend Eric Bischoff. Well, at least they got something for homegrown talents like Roode and Storm but we'll see where it will take us (not to be flushed down the toilet I hope).

  • Ricky Valdez

    Killing the six sided ring is probably the best decision hogan has made at tna, and how could he not no that Steiner was let go, is hogan just the face of tna and others make the decisions?

    • BigMike

      i stopped liking Steiner when he became just a mindless bully… when he was with Rick and he still could actually WRESTLE before the wanabe Billy Graham look and diva attitude and hair trigger temper yeah he has NEVER taken steroids (( yeah right if he didnt neither did Luger))

  • kevin

    I stopped watching TNA when they went to the and started watching again when the went back to the squared circle

    • search4theyeti

      They shoulda tried a actual circle? eh?

  • Logan_Walker

    "He doesn’t see the company as competition and operates almost as if they do not even exist."

    he does't see the company as competition… but he doesn't give them a good push hmmm

  • Freiza

    How much of that 106 million dollars went to John Cena?

    • BigMike

      even if its 10% thats still 10.6 million PLUS his current salary with incentives I dont think he needs to clip coupons

  • Lil Wayne YMCMB

    hulk hogan truly a wrestling icon!!! No person will surpass the sale of mercharndise, the hulkster sold during his time!!

    • BigMike

      Austin had outsold him at his height Cena iss the current money maker for Vinnie Mac. Hogan was the right person at the right place at the right time and everything went exactly right for Hogan AND Vinnie Mac to make Pro Wrestling mainstream in the 80's …. yes it was both of them it was VKM ideas and money and it was Hogan's larger than life persona that struck the right chord at the right time…. I give Hogan credit for what he has done BUT U need to give the SAME credit for Vince to see this and outline the way it happened

    • thefen

      S.C.S.A. did, does and always will shift more merchandise than Hoe-gone.

    • John Strunbull

      Nope, actually Austin outsold Hogan in terms of merchandises. So is Cena. If that's what icon means, then both Austin and Cena is wrestling icons too.

  • Roger Moore

    TNA is no threat to wwe and they never were! The only time that I can remember that TNA came close to being a threat was in January 2010 when Hogan was scheduled to debut with them and at the same time wwe combated with Bret Hart returnIng to wwe tv after 13 years! I remember I kept switching channels to see which one was more interesting. Turned out wwe had the more interesting scenario because HBK showed up.

  • BigMike

    Cena is not a bad guy so everyone needs to stop confusing Cena the persona and Cena the PERSON!!! Cena himself is a good guy who has worked his ass of to get and keep his spot YES his persona is stale and needs a MAJOR refresh But he can work in the ring he is NOT a one trick pony and if noone believes me look at his stuff BEFORE he was in WWE when he was The Prototype he has a decent skill set and has great mic skills is it his fault he is not allowed to do more with it? he has made millions upon millions working his ass off and deserves the respect.. u dont have to like the guy. but respect his passion for the business and his drive… he has earned it

  • just a fan

    promoting tna stars? i didnt see that on the website

  • rob

    I didn't like hulk when I was 9 therefore I don't care abt him now I'm 29.
    Hulk stop drawing an audience 10 yrs ago. Only old-timers believde he is still on top of the game.

  • Robert olley

    The viral campaign could be vince helping roh like he did with ecw in the 90s

    • smark

      lol thats campian is for dean ambrose

  • Tony

    I don't watch TNA much but I'm pretty sure it sucked before Hogan.. It just sucks worse with him.. And if Jeff Hardy had any sense in his mind he would stop using and come back to WWE.. I miss him :/

    • Bob

      Jeff Hardy was released.

    • Brandon

      No, WWE don't need Jeff Hardy. He already showed us who he really is back in July 2011, so no. WWE don't need another talentless spot monkey. Besides, he already burned his bridges with WWE with all his words when he's back with TNA in early 2010.

  • kp

    Wwe marks cena sucks and wwe is shitty tna will helo make wwe ppv better so sth up