WWE Issues Apology; Offers First Three Minutes Of Raw Supershow On Dot Com

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WWE issued an apology today for a technical malfunction at USA Network's Master Control that interrupted the opening of this week's Raw Supershow by a 60-second local advertisement. They are offering the first three minutes of Raw on dot com. Below is the official statement:

Due to a technical malfunction at USA Network’s Master Control, the opening of last night’s Raw SuperShow was inadvertently interrupted by a 60-second local spot. On behalf of USA Network and those of us here at WWE, we apologize for this error.

To watch the first three minutes of Raw now, uninterrupted, click here.

I have DirecTV and had no issues watching the broadcast.

  • Logan_Walker

    Wow Showing the First Three Minutes ? Well i had no problems

  • I had Comcast in the Boston area and no problems here. No complaints for me.

  • Alex P

    I thought there was something off…this happened to me last night and it also happened later on towards the end of RAW as well.

  • H.M.

    No problems up here in Canada.

    And there's Youtube lol.

  • Tony23

    I missed raw cuz my dvr stopped because of the delay

  • Luke

    Funny, I have DirecTV, I was interupted Indiana

  • Luke

    Funny, I have DirecTV, I was interupted Indiana… The city where the show was!

  • scott seefong

    what about all those direct tv consumers last ppv?


    I have Direct TV and live in Arkansas. I also had problems.

  • Kevin

    I live in Missouri and I use a local cable provider. I had no interruption at all.