WWE Issues Statement On The Death Of 5 Year Old Girl

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WWE issued the following statement to WrestlingNewsWorld.com regarding the death of Viloude Louis:

WWE Statement

The death of Viloude Louis is a tragedy, and our condolences go out to her family.

WWE urges restraint in reporting this unfortunate incident as if it were the result of a WWE wrestling move. As in similar cases, criminal intent to harm and a lack of parental supervision have been the factors resulting in a tragic death.

Authorities have already charged the accused with second degree murder and determined that this was not an accidental death due to a wrestling move.

  • Chris

    It’s just a matter of time before TNA releases a statement in an attempt to get in the spotlight! Even though there name was never mentioned, and will never be mentioned!

  • Tim

    What was the move

    • Hercules Rockerfeller

      Probably the Attitude Adjustment, you know how lethal that move has become right?

    • Patrick Steele

      “The boy said he body-slammed her repeatedly on a bed, punched her
      several times in the stomach, jumped on her, and “struck her with his
      elbow several times like the wrestlers do on television,” Jefferson
      Parish Sheriff’s Colonel John Fortunato said in a statement.”

  • .

    This site is becoming too cringe worthy. Bring back the original WNW with George Patton.

  • Gary

    Bring back the old WNW!!!

  • Simon Veitch

    The specific use of the term “wwe” wresting move is what I hate. Sure it’s the largest pro wrestling company in the world, but the term is professional wrestling move. The original article is just trying to shift some degree of blame on to a big name company for publicity.

    • Nostaljack

      It’s the only one they know to mention. I know I keep saying it but what’s true is true: TNA is unknown to most people. When people think of wrestling, they think of WWE.