WWE Targeting TNA Champion Jeff Hardy?; Three More Names The Company Is Looking To Bring Back, Vince McMahon Criticized Over The Handling Of Mid-Card Talent/Ego Management

WWE Targeting TNA Champion Jeff Hardy?

We're told WWE has sent out feelers to gauge the interest of TNA Champion Jeff Hardy about a possible return. The timing is interesting given the end of the TNA lawsuit and the fact Hardy's contract is up at the end of this month/beginning of February. While we were under the impression Hardy was expected to re-sign with TNA, we never got confirmation a deal was inked.

The motivation for bringing Hardy back has to do with the concern of the lack of top talent following the part-time work of The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. Other names WWE has interest in include John Morrison, MVP and Chris Jericho.

McMahon Criticized Over Handling Of Mid-Card Talent

One observer inside WWE sees a major problem with the way Vince McMahon elevates mid-card talent. This person's problem stems from the fact as soon as a mid-carder gets over, they are pushed to the moon whether or not they are ready. Ryback was a name mentioned, who rather than getting a slow build to the top, has lost three title matches in two months.

Another issue is ego management, as was evident with Ryback voicing displeasure over Alberto Del Rio beating Big Show for the World title on Smackdown. While the feeling is the future is bright given the company's loaded developmental system, they remain in a state of transition and it's imperative how they handle it. This is another reason why guys with a lot of independent experience, with proven track records, are being hired over names that need considerable seasoning and development.

  • Cody Zeller

    That observer must have not seen the Ryback matches. He was screwed in all of them, he didn’t just lose. Big picture, that’s why Vince has made billions and that observer is a faceless nameless source.

  • jackkedx10

    Ryback should stop crying and wait his turn. Just because Vince is in love with him it doesnt mean he deserves a Championship right away, I would of jump started the IC belt by having it on Ryback so he can bring it back then moved on to the Main Belts.

    • Proud

      I agree, I can’t view anyone as legitimate for a world title without atleast carrying some gold on WWE TV in the past

  • _JIM_

    I can see why they would want to hire experienced talent over developmental talent at this time. Their developmental roster is stacked and they could really use to sign some talent that is ready to earn right now. Not more talent that requires more money and time beng put into them before they are ready to work. There has to be money coming in before they can invest in developing others, and with the “part timers” time running out they have to d something to fill that rather large void.

  • Michael

    I think Hardy will return to wwe. I also agree with Ryback why promise me one thing then do another. How would you Ziggler fans feel if you finally thought he was about to win the world title only to lose the match and case. Well Ryback fans feel like the guy has earned a run with the belt at least to see if he could handle the pressure.

    • I’m pretty sure Ryback was promised nothing, and if he was, then he’s a fool for believing it as plans change all the time with VKM

      • Michael

        Why do you think he was upset they promised him that he would beat Big Show at wrestlemania for the world title. If Punk wouldn’t have remained champion Rock would’ve been pissed. The guy has bust his ass in hiac and tlc matches, not to mention the fact that everytime he’s attacked by the shield he goes through a table.

        • The thing with punk was confirmed at Raw 1000 because they couldn’t book it any other way. But Ryback is still fairly new plus the works title match won’t be as much of a draw for WrestleMania so it may not be set out quite as far in advance

    • Gary Robert

      He hasn’t. Jesus, hes been around for 7 months and beat up on no-names the first 3-4. Get into some story lines and feuds before handing him the belt. The “Feed Me More” chant is stupid, also, fyi.

  • Gary Robert

    Having Facebook messages separate from the Disqus messages is 100% stupid.

  • Pluto

    Chris Jericho – Don’t really have any interest in seeing him return. I really enjoyed his comeback in 07 and his heel run in 2008. Some of the best heel work in the past decade and his feud with HBK was gold. His return in late 2011 just didn’t do anything for me. But if he does return hopefully he’ll return in a program involving the Shield.
    MVP – I would personally love too this guy return. MVP came into his own during his feud with Benoit in early 07. Is good on the mic and a very good worker inside the ring. Also had a very entertaining feud with Matt Hardy in 07 that carried the SD brand in the summer/fall of 07. He seemed destined for a spot in the main event in 08 then they decided too put him in this losing streak angle that just flatlined his push, he never recovered from that. I think MVP could make a solid upper maid card/main event guy if the WWE gaves him the green light. Put him in a stable with the Prime Time Players with him as the leader.
    John Morrison – I don’t really have any interest in seeing him return all that much either at this point. He’s a great spot monkey type guy but I don’t know if he’s anything else other then a midcard guy.
    Jeff Hardy – I know most won’t agree with me on this but I would love too see this guy return. I was a huge fan of the Hardy/Punk feud in 09 and Punk’s great mic work as a heel, I’d love too see a conclusion too Hardy/Punk. They seemed too be headed for a match at WM26 but then Jeff decided too sign with TNA and then of course all the legal trouble he got in. This is easily one of Punk’s & Hardy’s best feuds and if McMahon can’t get Austin signed for WM then I think Hardy/Punk in a ladder match at WM26 would be a great backup plan. A match involving those two and ladders could possibly steal the show. And Hardy I’m sure would be really OVER, seems too be univerally loved by both the kids & the IWC.

  • Gary Robert

    Cannot believe how over Del Rio quickly seems to have become. He’s actually interesting to watch as a baby face. He’s very good at working the crowd and getting everyone behind him. I’m very surprised.