WWE Not Getting Out Of The Film Business, Hot Photos Of Total Divas Partying In Cabo

WWE's Not Leaving The Film Business

For those that missed our coverage from Thursday's WWE conference call with investors, one caller sternly asked Vince McMahon why WWE continued to do movies. They even brought up the failure of the XFL and said WWE realized they had failed and rightfully moved on.

Vince answered directly, explaining the company was on their third business model for films and this one was working.  As we've noted several times, the company made money with The Call and it made them bullish on WWE Studios moving forward.

Variety wrote a complete article about it that you can read at this link.

Total Divas Party In Cabo

The Total Divas cameras are filming in Cabo as Natalya and The Bella Twins have shared hot photos on their social media accounts. We have the coverage at the following links on DivaKnockout.com:

Natalya Shows Off Bikini From Cabo

More Bikini Photos – The Bella Twins & Natayla Partying In Cabo

  • Bob’s Diner

    Showing they actually made a decent profit for once will give him more resolve to keep going with WWE Studios.

    • Yeah this caller was a couple of years late. Had it been then, I would have agreed. However, The Call had a lot of success. It’d be foolish to give up now.

  • Matt

    I’m totally down with their movies. They’re entertaining…no one is expecting them to win Oscars. See No Evil has the best kill scene in a horror movie, anyways (cell phone/throat).

  • batman

    What’s with the newzzzzzzzzz-like headlines about “hot photos”? If you have a separate site for that nonsense, keep it there.