WWE Legend's House To Begin Filming Next Month In California

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MyDesert.com has new details on the upcoming WWE Network original series, WWE Legend's House.

The show will be shot in Rancho Mirage, California at Tamarisk Country Club. Rumored cast members include Gene Okerlund, Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper and The Iron Sheik.

The show, which will feature eight former WWE stars living together, will begin shooting in February.

  • 7028brethart

    What, do we really want to see that.

  • 7028brethart

    Damm sad to admit I will probably watch, hope some war of words break out and leads to some fights, then it will be interesting to watch.

  • @ease9310

    Cool,can't wait!

  • KoKo

    I thought they said that the WWE legend's House will come to WWE on April?

  • Dangerous Lee

    Iron sheik is on the show. They’re gonna have to do A LOT of editing…..

  • Winky p

    Put scott hall and Jake Roberts in that would get ratings up

    • A2H

      And probably alcohol consumption as well. Lol

  • Winky p

    And maybe warrior and Nash Cuz they hate each other for the record warrior was usless and doesn’t deserve a hall of fame

  • Ant

    They should just give the iron sheik a bottomless keg and put him in a house with brian blair and a bunch of other people he hates. That would be amazing.

  • Drew

    Iron Sheik is too real for reality tv – can't wait.

  • Maze

    Warrior wouldn't do it unless he was given a hefty payday.

  • Fifth Horseman

    Why oh why Okerlund? He has about ruined the Legends Roundtable shows and now this. Dude can’t go two minutes without bringing up “The immortal Hulk Hogan” what a shill and a self mark!