WWE Listed As Defendant In Lawsuit Over Pyrotechnics At SummerSlam 2008

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WWE has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the family of Susan Prim. The family alleges the fireworks after WWE SummerSlam 2008 from what was then the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana caused her to have a fatal asthma attack.

SummerSlam 2008 took place on Sunday, August 17th from the venue in Indianapolis. In addition to WWE, other defendants include Capital Improvement Board, the city of Indianapolis, Pacers Basketball, LLC, Conseco Fieldhouse and various other pyrotechnic and entertainment companies.

The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled earlier this week that the list of defendants stands.

TheIndyChannel.com has the full story at this link.

  • James

    that lawsuit is bullshit

  • Jesse Sherwood

    If you are a fan of WWE, you know that they use pyrotechnics. If you have debilitating asthma, you should know that the smoke in an indoor setting such as that could set off your condition. It is just my opinion, but I think the person failed to use common sense. That isn’t any of the listed parties fault.

    • cobra

      I’ve been to a feww WWE shows, and all my tickets say that on the back of the ticket, about them using pyrotechnics. So yeah I agree with the common sense thing.

  • ColeYote

    My guess is they’re hoping for a quick out-of-court settlement, because there’s no way they can possibly think they’ll win that case. They have warnings they use pyro, you KNOW they use pyro, and it should be obvious that the smoke would be bad for asthmatics. Unless you have grounds to believe they knowingly used pyrotechnics more likely to set off asthma, which I doubt, you’re not going to win.

    • arosmith

      this is America we are talking about some stupid brain dead liberals being picked for jury

      • BlazeKing

        I’m a liberal and would award the case to WWE. You bandwagon jumping hipsters are quick to come from Yahoo! with that bull.

        • arosmith

          trash like you should be sent to the pits of hell and set on fire your worthless non deserving to have any rights to America .you and your kind are what have destroyed this nation all l pray is GOD have mercy on your soul because l would damn you to hell

  • James

    I am first going to say that my heart and prayers are with the family of Susan Prim. Its hard to lose someone and I only can guess what her family is going through. Because of that, I am not going to call this lawsuit names or the family names. I just wish the family can find peace soon.

  • Kathy Lowe

    as having been to the shows, i know the fireworks are entertainment. i sympathize for the family, but i know as a parent of an asthmatic son, that you always carry your inhaler with you. My son plays sports and uses his inhaler frequently. the most frequent things that trigger an attack are weather, yes chemicals, severe smoke if you are by a fire of some sort. But the smoke has to be intense for an attack to occur. Asthma occurs when the lungs constrict and cannot get air in. She knew that there were special effects upon going to the match. and yes common sense plays a part. She wasn’t burned from an explosion, or had singed hair. etc. why should wwe pay for something that is entertainment for all. she knew this. again common sense. she should carry her inhaler for emergency such as what happened

    • Dale Vukelich

      She choose to attend a WWE event and if she can’t handle the fireworks then she needs to keep her ass at home,but she probley figures she can get a settlement out of it, greedy bitch.

  • Fred Frank Whitacre Jr

    it can’t cause asma

  • Christipher Morimitsu

    Watching on TV I know they play with pyrotechnics, If I have a breathing problem, I would choose my seats accordingly.

  • Lowell Teller

    you know theres pyrotech at all live events this is a bullshit way of cashing in on a mothers fatal asthma attack and the family shud be publically humiliated for this. these r the type of people who take the fun out of something we all enjoy, I hope the expert witnesses cant be able to prove thru any evidence that she died from wwe effects then vince can sue the family for defamation of character and filing a false report

  • if it happened in 2008 why is the dumb bitch suing them in 2013?

  • WyFo

    @Marquis Clay Zimmerman was doing his job. He was a neighborhood watch man and saw someone he thought was suspicious. The fact that the boy started attacking him for no reason prooves its good Zimmerman was there. Im tired of hearing people with your view. How about I constantly smack your head into the concrete?

  • penny kurzer

    anyone with asthma like me and its bad, knows where they can’t be because of not being able to breathe. i love wwe i love watching it but i do not go many places due to this problem of asthma. i can’t even be outside enjoying. to sue, is nuts when you know and if you don’t with what you have ask doctors first