WWE Live Event Moved, Mick Foley On Upcoming Show, Steve Austin On Andy Leavine's Firing

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- The WWE live event from the Civic Center in Amarillo, Texas has been moved from July 20th to July 6th.

- Mick Foley is being advertised as the special guest referee for Randy Orton vs. Kane in a no disqualification match on at the May 27th Smackdown live event in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

- Steve Austin wrote the following on Twitter regarding the release of WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine:

  • Joe O.

    Austin picked Andy mainly for his looks. There is no way he had better ring work than Cool Hand Luke or even Martin for that matter. Martina’s injury sucked cuz I would’ve loved to see him and Luke as the last two. With that said, I found it funny that VKM would’ve chose Luke even though that’s never the look he wants. His forte is to find the biggest or most muscular guys so to me it’s kind of telling when the main man doesn’t even want you. Sorry Austin, I disagree with your winner.

  • Jaryd

    I guess we'll never know for definite if Austin really did pick the winner, but if he did I trust his judgement in seeing something in the guy and it's just a shame Big Andy didn't unlock it in time. Maybe he can work the indys for a while and improve enough to get rehired. That's if he has the passion for wrestling that is. I hate to go by first impressions, but after he no sold that stunner just after being announced as the winner it did cross my mind that maybe he doesn't "get" the business

  • Maz

    Luke cud of been the new Miz or at least the new Alex

  • Kelvin

    Everyone always talk about Luke and Martin but what about Ivelisse? Had it not been for her injury, she could've quite possibly made it to the end. Hell, she has an FCW contract

  • PhilT81

    Martin would have been my choice – they could have given him some sort of Osmond gimmick – maybe have him be a Mormon who is in to polygamy and refuses caffeine so gets into a feud with the coffee-drinking Otunga!