WWE Live Results (11/6/13) - Belfast, Ireland

Wrestling News World reader Matthew Macklin sent in the following live report from Wednesday's WWE live event from the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Ireland:

I'm just back from the WWE show in The Odyssey arena in Belfast. I'd say the show was roughly 80% full, Justin Roberts was the ring announcer.

1. Santino Marell def. Fandango w/Summer Rae
Exactly what you'd expect, the usual comedy stuff from both. Santino won with the Cobra.

2. Los Matadores def. The Real Americans w/ Zeb Colter
Zeb was great on the mic Belford hand, including pretending that he thought he was in Dublin. The match itself was really good and was given plenty of time. El Torito did a good job of getting the crowd involved with some huge Ole chants (what else would you expect I'm Ireland?). Cesaro is a beast live, he did the giant swing which must have lasted for nearly a minute. Los Matadores got the win when they hit their finish on Swagger. After the match the bull gored Zeb.

3. Natalya def. Aksana
It was as bad as you'd expect, it was far too long. Natalya won with a Sharpshooter. Nobody cared. In fact I forgot to put it in this report and had to go back once I remembered.

4. Kofi Kingston def. The Miz
This was great from start to finish. Miz came out and turned heel by saying how no matter how much he gets beat down the fans always cheer the guy that's kicking his ass (very true). He said he was sick of it and that he would once again be "Awesome" great promo! It's about time they turned Miz. The match itself was REALLY good. Miz should fire that I haven't seen in months. He worked over Kofi's knee for most of the match and their were some quality near falls towards the end, including Miz keeping Kofi in the figure four for a few minutes as he scrambled for the ropes. Kofi won with Trouble in paradise out of nowhere.

5. Cody Rhodes, Goldust & Big E Langston def. The Shield.
This match was excellent, The Shield got a big pop coming out as did the tag champions. Big E is an absolute powerhouse up close, WWE have something with him. Lots of great back and forth action, The Shield are so so good. The finish sequence was madness with bodies flying everywhere. Cody pinned Ambrose when he countered a roll up into one of his own. Big E got a good reaction afterwards.


6. Wade Barrett def. Zack Ryder
This was pretty much a squash. Barrett won with the Bull Hammer Elbow, nobody cared about this either. Zack Ryder can't possibly fall any further.

7. No DQ Damien Sandow def. Dolph Ziggler
Another top notch match. Sandow cut a brilliant promo before hand insisting that he was still the "uncrowned champion". Ziggler got arguably the biggest pop of the night proving that no matter how much WWE crap all over him, the fans will still let their voices be heard. Lots of Kendo stick (just like EVERY no dq match in WWE for the last 3 years) and chair shots. Sandow was hilarious screaming at little kids at ringside as he worked over Dolph. Ziggler is as good as anyone! Lots of great near falls towards the end including Sandow going through a table in the corner. Sandow won with his full Nelson slam.

8. WWE Championship Big Show def. Randy Orton via DQ.
A mixed reaction for Orton and a huge pop for Show. The match itself was better than expected, but I couldn't have cared less about it. The Shield ran in and caused a DQ. Show choke slammed them all and KO'd Orton to send everyone home happy.

A very good show over all given the severely weakened roster. Very disappointed that Bryan wasn't there given that he was advertised up until 3 days ago Including localised TV promos. WWE should not be running two shows on these tours, the roster just isn't strong enough and it's no ones fault except WWE

They announced that they would be back on May 21st, so it looks like the post Wrestlemania European tour next year will be a month later.

  • JesseJames

    Bryan was in columbia,SC at the House show here. They basically Switched Bryan with golddust, cody rhodes, and big e langston. lol.

  • Kyle

    So since it was a house show does that mean Miz is still face on WWE Television or is he now a Heel?

  • Rus

    Do they always have 2 shows at the same time when its not on tv because the same thing happened for us in Australia, I might give the next one a miss if it is