WWE Live Results (1/5/14) – Fairfax, Virginia

Below are quick results from Sunday’s WWE live event in Fairfax, Virginia:

* The Usos b. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper

* R-Truth b. Bo Dallas

* The Prime Time Players b. Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal

* The Miz b. Fandango

* Natalya & Emma (NXT profile) b. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee & Tamina

* Bray Wyatt b. Daniel Wyatt in a steel cage match, in a bout where Bray taught Bryan who his master really is.

* Wade Barrett b. Justin Gabriel

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston b. Damien Sandow

* CM Punk b. The Shield in a 3-on-1 handicap match

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  • thepowerserge

    Punk once again beats The Shield in a handicap match yet loses one on one. WWE logic hard at work…sigh.